Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Fine Day~

You must think that I'm nuts. Lol. Should be getting some sleep but I'm still wide awake blogging. Hmmm. :/
(I can't get to sleep.)

Well, had a pretty good day. Started off with clearing my room's stuff because I had to spray insecticide, obviously to kill some pest. Then, headed down to meet Weishan for Sakae 60minute Lunch (&my breakfast) Buffet. We ate only 12 plates. LOL! Chatted and stuff before time's up and we went shopping for picnic's sandwich! :)
(That lazy Weishan was feeling so lazy that she wanted to just bring all the ingredients and we'll prepare them ourselves, OVER THERE @ MARINA BARRAGE! -.-)

Anyway, parted with Weishan and went forward to Xiaoxuan's place to pass Minghong his advanced birthday present. *Hopes he likes it! Later, we decide to head down to Hougang Mall. Because Xiaoxuan was craving for half-priced ice-cream waffles. Lol~ Conveniently have her crazy monitor fixed too. Had a nice long chat over at Gelare.
We should do this more often, TXX!

Was struggling whether to shop around or head home to wait for them to reach Hougang Mall. Good thing I chose the latter. ;) Mum suddenly had this crazy notion to have Gary, Terrence, Jowell and Stephanie over for dinner instead. x.x Dinner was splendid though. :D :D :D Lasted for about... 2-3 hours?! Lol. Talked a lot, ate quite a bit and we had our fair share of laughters too. It'll be even better if all five of us were present.
Darius, why didn't you join us?


After which, did dishes and cleared stuff before Gary left early(Aww~) while the rest of us sat down to continue chatting. :) Experienced a myriad of emotions and had quite a number of things on my mind. :/
They left like.. not long ago? Lol. At around.. 3.30am. Washed up and here I am. LOL!
Yes, I am crazy because I have to wake up early tomorrow to prepare for picnic. =,= &&&& I can't find my facial necessities for the night! DANG!

PS: I wonder what's wrong again. =.=
PS: I think, I wanna new life. Or at least, let me start over.
I am gonna MUST! be alright, for picnic tmr! :)

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