Wednesday, May 16, 2007

time together

picture edited by Kristoffer.

i just realised something. i'm really really bad in saying "No" to many many things. i don't know why but i just can't help it.

the examinations are still far away but my main concern now is not that but the life AFTER that. gosh. i'm being a little to paranoid. lols.

thanks for that hug. lols. it made me realise the happy thing about helping someone. XD hahas. and that's seeing them happy. nothing more. lols. i used to feel the same but i guess the feeling lost its way some where in my heart. now that i've found it, i'm seeing light to many things le. thanks for listening to me and talking too.

these two things that have happened made me realise the goodness in being alive.
the time together striving for a common goal,
the time together crapping and spending time studying,
the time together teasing each other,
the time together crying be it for good or bad,
the time together gossiping about nasty people (and becoming like them for talking bad about them),
the time together celebrating each others' birthday,
the time together staying back after school for practices and for preparing events,
the time together taking crazy pictures,
the time together bitching each other around,
the time together agreeing and disagreeing,
the time together having long meetings,
the time together brainstorming for ideas,
the time together recalling about the past,
the time together complaning about people,
the time together doing duties,
the time together hugging each other and making people feel gross,
the time together talking about ........(erhum).........,
the time together sharing problems and consoling each other,
the time together being angry with each other (LOLS!!),
the many many more. sighs.
it's really good to be able to have bitter sweet memories brought out of secondary school life. at least, it's not boring at all. helping and working with so many people really nutured me. lols.
ohh, the post is so long. LOLS.

buh bye! dinner's waiting and i'm famished! hahas.

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