Tuesday, May 15, 2007


post going to be a .l.i.t.t.l.e. lenghty today.

got back most of our papers today; half of English, both A and E Maths, Physics and Chinese.

till now, results known are not that satisfying but rather, very disappointing- especially for both my Maths. gosh! please learn from being too confident will you?!? sighs. am only glad that i've passed my Summary and Physics. Chinese? results expected~ lols.

anyway, yesterday was fun watching "200 pounds Beauty" with Gary, Soohou, Yanling, Samuel, Jolene and Felicia, playing pool for about 2hours or so and having dinner at Burger King. movie was nice and touching but sometimes, some audience are rather irritating. tsk!
but, i was really glad for that break. i really need one!
reached home tired but managed to rush through the C.O's new organisation chart and slept pretty soundly.

today? was a bit cranky. it's pretty irritating and annoying when it comes to non-stop teasing. rather sick of them but can't stop it. -.- worse is having people you not-know know about things. it's dumb AND very annoying. sighs.

i don't know what's wrong all over again. it's getting on my nerves, my mind. my messed up thoughts. seriously need them sorted out but i'm lack of an important source of venting my frustration and that's a ............. -.- yupps. maybe an imaginary friend fits it just nice? hahas!
and, they are slowly making me hate her- making me feel reluctant, speechless and expressionless when communicating with her. it's crazy! i don't want this all to happen.

it made me realise how scary people can be when they become overly confident and ambitious about themselves. confidence in oneself bulids up a different beauty when it's just nice but when it's over- it gets pretty ugly. being ambitious keeps life going only when they are realistic. why will human become so scary with these and other additional personality factors?!?

ahhhh! life's crazy.

it's been a busy week. busy busy busy.. i'm getting tired, need some rest. and, i'm going to enjoy these few days of not-having-any-assignments day before i start studying again.
Jasmine, no more slacking!! hope i'll be able to do what i've planned. ahhhh. crazy people! :)

not telling them about my disappointing results yet. gosh~ i hope i can be up to it, keeping it from them.
she cried today; i really do hope we can all get it through this major examination.

and that major examination?? it's visiting us real soon!! Chinese up first- WISH ME LUCK!! (=
it's scary having to think that my four years of education in Secondary School is going to come to an end soon. the most difficult part is having to head different ways after our results. it's saddening to think about all the things we've done in school together. i'll miss everyone! they are all special people. after Os, more difficult le. sobbs!
early night people! hehs.

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