Tuesday, April 03, 2007

cheer up people!!

reasons for tears shouldn't be because we were sad, we did our best and should be proud of the strong unity in the end. the result doesn't matter, the one that matters is the process. at least, we all shared a common goal. at least, we enjoyed the whole performance. at least, we know where were our standards(it's definitely a SILVER not bronze). at least, we were as one when we performed.


cheer up people, life has too many ups and downs. don't be defeated so soon~ we have a longer tougher journey to look forward to. ^^ what would happen if we give up so soon? kick away this mildstone and throw it into the deep blue sea~

to those who has a second chance, use this as a drive to work even harder, to start even earlier and to do us proud two year later!! to those who might not be participating in such events anymore, at least we've experienced what it's like to be in a serious competition as a whole~ don't be sad but glad that everything is over with a nice fulstop. at least, we didn't mess up!! don't blame yourself if you may, because one for all and all for one!!

SO, wipe away those tears and laugh at how silly we were. continue smiling because we were still great!! at least, our melody sound MUCH MUCH better. =]

keep this in mind: we are GREAT in our own unique and SPECIAL way~ we are different that's why we achieve different things. we were not lousy that's why we got the result. be optimistic and look on the bright side~ =]

keep up the good work~ now, it's time to strive even harder to another common goal: ACE ALL OUR SUBJECTS EVEN THOSE WE HATE for our mid year exam!!
=D smile people, smile!!!

-.- this post look so christmas. LOLs.

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