Tuesday, April 03, 2007

it was a BRONZE~

yeahhs people, we've got bronze for our SYF yesterday. not a very good result we are proud of but at least, i know everyone did they very best. we were nearly there to silver, lost that few points because of some penalty~ stupid penalty it is!!

many of us cried twice. at first, mine were tears of joy. i was so relieved after the whole performance. the shouting part was great and i didn't fall nor played many wrong notes!!! what's more, we had about six long, tedious and tiring months of practising which just ended with that short, sweet and nice six mintues performance. it was still great larhhs! LOLs. also, cried even more when i saw and heard what yanling said. one of our seniors praised our sections! it was like first time since we took over the section. we used to be soft you know, very soft. ^^ was super happy larhs!

but, the day didn't end with pure happiness. while waiting for the results, many complimented us and assured us a confirm silver. in the end, it was a bronze. was a bit disappointing and sad but i controlled until i conforted yanling. to others, it was something disappointing because we didn't expect what we got but i felt that it was wasted because we were almost there. was only pissed with some peoples' sayings. can't help it larhhs but some mouths just shouldn't rub salt on the wound at the wrong time. it's not their fault to be direct either.

last year yet got bronze, really a waste. stupid stupid STUPID penalty!! LOLs.

anyway, we took some photos to memo the great day, great moment~ ^^


yufang, me and peggy~
on the way back home after dinner at marina square, in the mrt station.

US with our dear seniors!!
really have to thank all of them, for being there and supporting us. we didn't get what we want but we've got more than what others have; seniors and their moral support!!
(i guess our schools had the most seniors occupying the seats!!)

gary, yanling, me, huiyi and samuel!!
while awaiting for the results, some photos kills the time~


fengni, me and yanling.
we don't look nervous but i was almost jumping around trying to calm myself down by "forcing" people to take picture with me. XD

yanling, huiyi and me.
outside in the waiting hall.

yanling, my sis, me and adeline.
on he way to SCH. my face super red~ lols.

TOP: hilda, wanchin and yanling
BOTTOM: qisi, yufang and me
first picture in the bus!!
after the results, crying and so on, we wasted some time before heading to marina square for dinner. i was STARVING!! we even had to walk (yanling and i with HEELS) all the way there, it was a long journey lorhhs!
by the time i reached home, it was like about 2100++hrs?!? wash up and drop dead in bed. wanted to miss school today but forgot about the idea because of our dear teacher. ^^
i super miss xinhui larhhs! saw her yesterday, wanted to give her a peck on the cheek but, she KISSED ME!! LOLs. reminded me about what one of my friends had said about what she saw. gosh!! LOLs.
okayy, dinner time!! i'm famished!! =p

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