Thursday, March 22, 2007


orchestra today was average. debrief was long and i know many of them are not paying attention to what we are talking about. maybe, they were thinking about home more than what we were talking. i hope these are just one of my wrong intuitions. i really hope everyone listened and listened hard.

like what mdm ng said, we shouldn't feel sad, guilty nor angry after our performance but relieved and happy that we've come so far and did a good job. it was kindda devastating when she mentioned about a teacher making a nasty remark on orchestra. i wonder how the others felt. i hope they felt looked down and motivated at the same time. i hope after todays' debrief, everyone would start working harder, practising harder, doing their best and feeling the music.

like what huiyi said, we shouldn't be sad about what the teacher had said. we are NOT DREAMING~ we have th ability to do what we can and WE CAN DO IT! the teachers' remark shouldn't bother us, in fact it should motivate each and everyone of us to work towards a goal, to prove that teacher wrong~

like what many seniors will think. why let all our efforts go down the drain? how long have we been practising like hell for this day? how long have we been stuck with the same song and playing it again and again? we should strive and do our best on that day and give our everything during every practises.

like what mdm ong said. we have all spent so much time on it, teachers has also sacrificed so much. we should make the school and ourselves proud and make people take back what they comment.
sighhs. tired!
sighhs. i didn't know what i was talking about when i was talking. -.-
i was like thinking about what to say when i was sitting but when i stand and everyone was looking at me, i can't help it but fumble over my own words. i hate it when this happens. but why does it never fail to come after me? i'm so useless. i don't even think what i said made sense and that the rest actually listening. so demoralised~ i shouldn't have did and said what i did and said. -.-


nights people~

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