Friday, March 30, 2007

SYF's coming~

fancy having gary (the bighead) tagging, asking me to update when he doesn't visit nor read my posts often. okayy larhhs~ my posts ARE lenghty, but, it's because i'm NAGGY!! LOLs.
one post before leaving off to do assignments. TIRING~

about TWO more days and ONE more practice to SYF!! i'm so nervous. and, i hate the costume. urg~ it's not ugly i just don't fancy it that much. anyway, Orchestra is improving. BRAVO!! way to go people! LOLs. just hope the shouting part for our chosen piece would be successful. i understand how some juniors feel about shouting is unnecessary and maybe somehow embarrassing. i use to feel that way too. but, what has to be done MUST be done whether you like it or not. what's more, it's not embarrassing if you're shouting with a group of good people. XP it's not as if you're shouting like a lunatic alone. what about this: what will people think about you as a musician and a performer if everyone's enjoying the music and shouting their hearts out when you're like a blockhead in the orchestra playing just for the sake of completing the song?

another thing i can't figure out. what's the point of being the oldest, experiencd and among the best musician when you have no heart and soul for the song? when you are rushing to go home? how to improve with people like these? this section is so direct, i understand but i have been thinking about this since monday and i really can't take it. i don't see any factor left for me to respect her. not anymore. both of them in fact. sighhs.

anyway, it's weird how people change to become more active once they grow older. XD just like sports day. juniors most probably would remain silence when seniors try to make their 'houses' proud by cheering out loud like mad people. LOLs. just like Diana, Fatin and Nadiah. tsktsktsk. but it's true that it would be great having people bringing up the spirit. =] i hope i would have duties on that day. at least, i don't have to waste time sitting there just chatting chatting and more chatting~ Xb duty please..

okayy, back to CO.
GARY, you MUST MUST JIAYOU!! if others can do it, so can WE~ and of course, YOU!! confidence and practice speaks all.
you have the whole orchestra family's MORAL SUPPORT!! go for it, our big head~ MAKE US PROUD OF YOUR BIG HEAD!! hahas. smile and try your best! the main thing is not about playing the piece right and precised but deliver it beautifully with confidence, feelings, feelings and FEELINGS. like what our dear conductor has said, it's okay to make mistake. it's NORMAL to have flaws but it's most important to have faith in you and try your VERY VERY BEST to deliver the song with your HEART!!

school has been so.. expected. form teacher screamed at us for the whole week except for yesterday. sianns. assignments given were all done badly. i can't study! someone, anyone HELP!!
i need a tuition for physics BADLY~ anyone interested?
the new duties are not disasterous but not up to expectations either. i know she's not really blaming me but i still feel that i should be the one who has to be blamed because i insisted to it. well, i felt that everyone should try out every duties be it whether they like it or not. what's more, my committee has been stuck with canteen duties for like 3 years?!? she's not doing anything either so a change is not a must but a should. =]

and yeahhs, she's really boring, real boring~ lols.
urg! can't take her! i also can't help it but feel irritated by her. just, what's the problem with the chemistry between us?!? at least, now i know how he felt when i kept pouring cold water at whatever he did or said. Xd
sighhs. i'm sorry but i can't help it. was i wrong again? or was it a way to prove myself something. i've proven what i wanted but things seemed to be heading the wrong way~ i still can't figure out. or am i just not thinking about it?!? it's irritating!
sighhs! gotta rush through my assignments le. bye people! =]
sighhs. still have to reach school at 0630 tomorrow~ TORTURE ARHHS! XP
at least, i got the tee shirt!! LOLs.

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