Tuesday, May 24, 2016


First activity during my short-lived 2 days unemployment; Watch another Pangdemonium show!!!
With the Azman sisters!


The stage tonight; A very realistic humble home setup.

I almost never read up synopsis or reviews on the shows (&movies) I am going to watch because I enjoy being surprised...... Also because I tend to wanna read too much about the stories once I start. Needless to say, I didn't know what I was watching tonight too... I actually thought it would be some kind of typical love story with one falling for another. You know.. because 'falling'.. Har har....

But boy, have I never been so wrong!!!

"Falling" was a great great show about unconditional love in a family where one of the children is autistic. Severely autistic. I never fully understood the concept about autism and tonight was a great eye-opener.

The complex emotions each family member has to go through, while the child continues his life in his own world, in his own daily routine; Playing train and reacting the exact same way every single morning. So tiring just watching it! This character gets violent too.. Hits himself and the person nearest to him. And he's a big guy, so it becomes challenging for the family members.

The actors did a fantastic job portraying their characters!! I felt all the emotions..... Anger, confusion, uneasy and.... sadness. Especially the actor who had the autistic role - He was so good that I really felt for the role. I felt extremely uncomfortable whenever he hits himself and has an episode, I felt my heart twist each time. :(( There was also a post-dialogue where we learned more about autism. Very good to know!

Pangdemonium has never failed to impress me thus far! There is always this larger meaning behind the stories they play, and sometimes, they leave you thinking about life, about love.

So glad I'm now onboard. TO MORE AWESOME SHOWS WITH THEM!!

PS: ALSO WATCHED THIS SHOW WITH JEANETTE AW AND HOSSAN LEONG!!! Saw Jeanette once at the entrance and then again in the toilet! She has this artiste aura, but doesn't come off snobbish! #Starstruck though I'm not exactly a fan of hers. Lol.

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