Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Sometimes, I Just Need To Rant

Sometimes, it's not that I want to be rude to people here, but the request they make can be very ridiculous!?

"Can you help me keep these 2 rolls of tissue boxes? I don't know where to keep them."
"You can keep it in our cabinet there." (about 15 steps away)
"Help me la..."
"You can just put it in the cabinet!?"
"Walao, I bought these for all to use leh."
"Eh, I kept the 10 over desktops myself the other time okay."


When the last line was said, I thought to myself "IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL. I can jolly well buy my own tissue if you want to use that on me." So rude!

All these happened during lunch. No one was busy. NO ONE. That person was definitely not busy to be requesting another person (me) to help with that. IT IS SOMETHING SO SIMPLE.

How difficult is it to keep 2 rolls of tissue boxes in a cabinet that is just 15 steps away from our desk?! It would have been difficult for me because the only available space is on the top tier and I am too fucking short to even reach that.

Sometimes, I would feel guilty and just wonder "It is indeed a bloody simple stuff, why can't I be the bigger and better person to help? To do that simple thing?"

But then again, I tell myself.. These lazy asses should stop taking me for granted (if they do) and get me to do really stupid stuff. Whether or not I am free to do it.. Such as keeping tissue boxes. I am not a babysitter here?! I wonder what they regard me as to request something like that.

Just because I am younger/youngest in the team, do I have to accept the silly requests these adults ask? I know it's something normal in Korea that the youngest are usually asked to run errands because they are the...... youngest. I cannot understand how these youngest feel every time they are asked to do stupid stuffs, but it makes me feel unbalanced and sometimes furious.


I am sorry. But you've lost all the respect I had for you.

Sometimes, I just need to rant.

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