Friday, April 08, 2016

Day & Night With Maybank Colleagues!

Lunch @ Raffles Place with some ex-colleagues! ^^
We had Vietnamese food before moving on for some sweet desserts at Paris Baguette. :)

The above picture should be captioned "I like taking selfies with my face cut off, so people don't see how really huge my face actually is. LOL!"

But! They didn't want my face to be cut off, so I took another shot.

Showing more of my face, but insist to have bits of my cheek cut off. LOL!

Raffles Place is so crowded (!!), but very lively. There are too many nice food to choose from that I think almost half of my paycheck would be spent on food if our office was there. Not many pocket friendly options! Even if there is, the queue would turn me away. Good food everyday!!! Lol. Then again, my mum would probably still pack lunch for me? Hahaha.

I still like how everyone is so nicely dressed there! Almost everyone. Maybe some day I'll have a chance to work there too? HEHE. Then again, maybe not that good a thing, because I'll have to change my wardrobe. :/

And that was lunch.


After work, few of us headed off to a birthday party! First children's party for me. In fact first party after a long long time for me! Hurr.

Mani's daughter turns 1!! Time flies! His baby is already 1! She's so chubby and so so so cute!!! But she doesn't smile much. So difficult to capture one shot with her smiling! &I didn't get one at all. :'(


"What this you trying to do!?" // "Meh. Not interested in your face."
So much cheeks!!

Menaka and her kids.
Doesn't her daughter have crazy huge eyes?! Lol.
They look so alike!

RIGHT RIGHT?!! A lot more alike in real life, it was like seeing doubles!
Just that one is a mini Menaka. Hahahh.

This little girl's so pretty and then she decides to pull a monkey face


So pretty, I need more selfies with her! ^^

&Now, I home to rest.
Goodnight, baby fairy.

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