Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Half Day!

It's Tuesday and I was on halfday to meet Jolene!!!


Not many vacations planned this year means, more leave to clear!!! Also because we have been working over the weekend, so here's to more off-in-lieu to clear!! 🍻 So yeah, Jolene was in town today so I took half the day off to hangout! ^^

Had brunch at Boufe Boutique Cafe (no pictures, because we old now so we just eat LOL! We both love their Lychee tea btw so much so that we ordered 2!!!) and then we caught a movie!

Us waiting for a bus down to Shaw Centre for our movie!

After the movie, we roamed around town till it was meet time with Lance and Chiulee!

Had dinner together and caught up about our lives.

Lance shared with us his start to his new career, and Chiulee filled us in with her sailing experiences.
Oh, how our lives are moving on..... Though I'm still kindda stuck? :/

I like that you can only see my head in these shots.
&I like that Chiulee's head look huge beside mine. HAHAH! :X

Lance had to leave early to head back to his hall so we called the night early too.
Early as in.... before 11pm. LOL!

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