Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Leap-ed To My Birthday!

Quick update before I crash and have a good sleep! No work tomorrow because it's MA BIRTHDAY and I deserve to not work on the day I breathed my first breath! Actually just another excuse to use my leave and nua at home. Lol. *dance💃🏻*

Anyway! I was happy to have spent the last few hours of my 24 with my favourite girlfriends! Also the first few hours with 2/3 of them. ♥ But the 2/3 of them no love! Was on the phone throughout la! TSK! Didn't even notice the clock strike 12mn to my birthday. SIGH. Lol. But we had ice cream, so I'm cool. Hahaha.

Tonight's Leap Year dinner with ma girlfriends!
Simple Korean Army Stew at Heartland Mall. Happy tumtum.

Korean food all day every day! The Korean restaurant at Heartland Mall serves decent Korean food. I'm a little sad they didn't combine with the Fried Chicken brand they were once doing.

No work the next day = NO NEED TO GO HOME EARLY!!!

But, we didn't know where to go and end up just having ice cream at Udders. Hahah.


Seeing Jolene in a few hours time~ So now, I shall crash with a big grin on my face. Zzz ☻

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