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ⒽⒿ 8 Days In Western Australia - Day 7: Dolphins, Penguin Island and Ciao Italian

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✋ Hello hello...
I am taking too damn long to complete my Perth trip last year, aren't I?
Lol. This down and one more to go!

8 Days In Western Australia - Day 7:
Dolphins, Penguin Island and Ciao Italian

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On a random side note before I start...
Ciao Italian (X) is a popular restaurant (mostly among Asians I heard) in Perth that was recommended by a few friends. Had to try it and didn't regret the drive there. It was a little out of the way, but we saw Perth's skyline nearby, and met our Primary School friend. :)

It's a funny thing - When everyone's in Singapore, no one arranges a meetup or even find time to get together. But once you know you'll be in the same place outside Singapore, you try your best to make time and meet. Lol!

Better than nothing laaaa...

 photo P1400659.jpg
The JJA! Missing R. Lol.

We used to call ourselves 'JJAR' back in Primary School - taking the initials of our names and arranging them according to our birthdays from the oldest to the youngest. (Just to be clear, I am NOT the oldest ah! hahaha.)

Oh man. Those were the days. The 3 of us love singing and had a thick file of lyrics to flip through! Our song book file. Lol. I actually kept that file for a really long time until a few years ago. I also remember watching the Taiwan drama "My MVP Valentine" with Xin Hui ('Jamie') back then over the phone! Lol. We had to make sure we're playing the episode at the same time! Has to be sync so we could imagine we were watching it together at one location. Lol. So much memories. Best years in Primary School - because I can't really remember the earlier days, to be honest. :X

 photo P1400587.jpg
Before meeting Xin Hui in the evening, Haniza and I had an almost boring morning in Penguin Island.
The ferry there was nothing boring though - WE SIGHTED DOLPHINS!! 🐬🐬


 photo P1400584.jpg
Already dressed in our swimwear for more snorkeling!

We only got our ferry tickets at the harbor itself. Fairly simple, and we were lucky to be the first few! Early bird catches the worm... Lol. Less than an hour later, people started coming in and a queue was formed - I hate queuing. We also did a little shopping while waiting for the ferry to takeoff!

AH! Just recalled, we bumped into a few fellow Singaporeans as well. I thought it would be exciting when you meet people from your home country overseas, but this experience WAS DAMN AWKWARD!! :X One of them peeped into the name-list and saw that we were Singaporeans, came up to us asked if we were from Singapore, mentioned they were too and then..... uh... yeah. Lol. That was it. I'm not quite sure what I'd expected to happen, but it was extremely awkward. Lol. Haniza just answered "Yeah."

Not even sure if that's worth mentioning at all. LOL.

 photo P1400607.jpg
And then we were offfff!

 photo P1400589.jpg
Getting further from the shore....

One reason why this entry took so damn long to publish is me being lazy to combine the videos I took. I already had all the photos up on Photobucket and in the draft, but I was so lazy to edit the video. So.much.effort!

 photo P1400590.jpg
Wild ones!

So gorgeous.. The skin looks so smooth! So clear... Not like those that I've seen on the internet, where Aquariums and Zoos don't treat them the way they should. Some animals really belong only in the wild!

 photo P1400601.jpg
The mama and the baby going around us together, circling their food - the stingray.
It was an amazing experience! Enjoyed it more than Whale Watching (read here!). Probably because we saw them upclose...

 photo P1400611.jpg
See that bird at the left of the picture (I cannot remember what it's called), wings all spread out like it's a batman logo!

 photo P1400614.jpg
Our hot guide! Explaining the types of dolphins, birds and seals, and telling us what they were doing and their habits.
So educational - but I've since returned all the information and knowledege back to her. Lol.

One thing to confess, I accidentally stole took a bracelet from their shop. I really liked it and was wearing it while shopping around, but when we exited, I totally forgot it was still on my wrist and happily brought it around Penguin Island. Was suppose to return it when we get back to the harbour, but I took it off and kept it in my bag when we snorkeled. Completely forgetting about it, we left the harbour after coming back from Penguin Island. :X

It's a nice bracelet that I'm still wearing, but I accidentally gave it a bath in the washing machine weeks after my Perth trip, totally washing out the purple color. :(

 photo P1400615.jpg
Birds, birds and more birds!
Here, we were still touring around the vicinity of Penguin Island, but dammit, Penguin Island has SO MANY birds! Seagulls! It was a little annoying because they were just everywhere... Their poop too. Geez.

 photo P1400618.jpg
Can you spot what we were looking at?

 photo P1400619.jpg
So lazy, so fat.
They were just there, lying and enjoying the sun.

Ah.. Such is life. How I wish I can do that more often. Lol.

 photo P1400620.jpg
&here we arrived!
It was about an hour later? Sighting dolphins and checking out the other animals first - so worth the money.

There are many other activities you could do around the island too! We saw people kayaking there! (their site here) So cool.

Followed the crowd and waited at this space infront of this small Discovery Centre set up... Waited for the next feeding time of the penguins! That was the only time we saw the penguins though.. The name of the island is so misleading! I actually thought we could see plenty of wild penguins around. Lol.

 photo P1400622.jpg
Apparently, they are the smallest penguin species in the world! :O And there's many of them in Penguin Island, just that you don't get to see them out in the wild. Cheh.

 photo P1400623.jpg

 photo P1400624.jpg
There was a short and quick feeding session while the keeper explain a whole lot about them.

And then we were off! To explore other parts of the bird Penguin Island.

 photo P1400628.jpg
A whole lot of seagulls welcome you.

 photo P1400629.jpg
Even though it's no longer the first time seeing crystal clear water, I was still in awe.
Sigh. I miss my birks.

 photo P1400632.jpg
There were plenty of kelps too! So difficult to walk around.

 photo P1400634.jpg

 photo P1400636.jpg
Check out the platform, full of poop. Bird poop. These seagulls!

 photo P1400639.jpg
The views were great though.

After going up that stairs, we continued our quick exploration around the island. Not as big as Rottnest Island (I love that place, read here!) and there was nothing much to see.. It was a pretty place, yes. But there's really nothing much to see or do. Maybe we didn't work hard enough on researching, but we went snorkeling at 2 spots and there weren't much to see. Lol. Emphasizing too much on "there's nothing much to see". I think we were there for less than 3 hours(?).

The second and last area we went snorkeling had very rough waves.. Very! Gave me a little scare. We were at least 20% out in the sea when we were swept back onshore. Easily. Multiple times! We couldn't control at all. I am so glad we were just swept onshore and not out in the sea, it could have been so bad! The experience was a tiny bit frightening, but a whole lot funnier. Everyone who was there and tried to swim out to snorkel, but got carried back onshore by the waves were ALL laughing. Lol. Quite a moment to remember, all of us would just look at each other struggling to survive. hahahha. Struggling to not look stupid being moved around by the waves, really... lol.

I bet everyone had plenty of sand in their swimwear. Lol. At least Haniza and I were packing sand in ours! It was so bad! Because we were wet, not all of them came out. When we dried up a bit and I flipped up my pants, you could hear them all dropping. A whole lot of them!

Anyway, no other photos taken for the rest of the day or of us snorkeling. After our trip to the island, I believe we went shopping......

To be honest, among the 8 days, this is the one day I cannot recall what we did after Penguin Island. Lol. There were no photos to remind me, but I believe it was shopping! We didn't take any pictures while shopping, but there were no time gaps in the other days we could have shopped..............

So yes, after Penguin Island, we went shopping at Watertown Outlet Centre (X)! :D

It's a really huge place and things were sold at relatively cheap prices, because outlet! We only had about 2 hours to shop, and I didn't really get as much stuff as I'd wanted.. Got a skirt, a skort (OMG GOT MY SIZE), a pair of flats and a bag. It was such a joy shopping there, because 90% of the shops had clothes MY SIZE!!! Muahhahaha. It was also my first time shopping alone. We had to split up to save time, so we explored the huge mall on our own. It was almost therapeutic... :3

 photo P1400718.jpg
Here's all my loot for the entire trip - see that few black items on the top right hand corner?
Those were from the Outlet Centre. So happy there were clothes I could buy. Heh. So should have gotten more of the bottoms.

Anyway, after shopping, I believe we headed back to our apartment to rest and then head out again for dinner.

 photo P1400656.jpg
Ghostly picture hahaha.

Met up with Xin Hui because she happened to be in Perth studying! Saw her instagram video fixing up a cabinet (hahaha) and started chatting her up months before our trip. It feels good to catch up with a good friend from school days. :) Got good tips and recommendation from her too.

So anyway, we picked her up and headed to our dinner place!

 photo P1400647.jpg
There was a mini queue when we arrived, but got seated pretty quickly.

The place is small and a little cramp. There were hardly any walking space and tables were placed quite close each other. It's like they are fitted just enough for people to pull their chair and sit. The service staffs had to squeeze in a bit when they serve tables inbetween... tables. Lol. But I guess, it made the environment slightly cozy? And could fit more guests... Looking around, there were really quite a handful of Asians dining there. hahaha. The experience was good. The service staffs were all very friendly, happy and nice! Food was very tasty too! No wonder they were recommended by many. A pity we all went for pasta and didn't try their pizza. :( I'm always craving for pizza these days. Urg.

 photo P1400642.jpg
Garlic bread to start the meal.
It's almost like a must this trip, Haniza ordered garlic bread so often la! LOL.

 photo P1400645.jpg
Each a pasta.
Throughout our trip, Haniza and I always shared a dish for every meal... Except this.
The squid ink pasta was good!

I had their carbonara. Tsk. Typical choice, but it was so good! Very thick and flavourful.

 photo P1400646.jpg
&The meal ended with a tiramisu.
So good.

I remember we were too full for more food though. Such a waste! I would really want to try their pizza.......

Had to go for a walk after dinner because we were so stuffed. But we caught Perth's skyline!

 photo P1400653.jpg

 photo P1400649.jpg
So nice!
Looked more beautiful in real life! I started noticing our night views in Singapore after this.
We have good views too. ♥

 photo P1400661.jpg

So after that night, we never met up anymore. HAHAHHAA. Even when Xin Hui came back to Singapore for Christmas. :X Life is such. hahahah. Till next time!

 photo P1400660.jpg
♥ It was nonetheless a great night.

Last Day : Kings' Park and Fremantle

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