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ⒽⒿ 8 Days In Western Australia - Day 5: Whale Sighting, Aqua and Caversham Wildlife Park

 photo 20151007_101418.jpg
Hair all blown backwards, no brows because no makeup on my big face and squinty eyes, but still looking good. ;)
This is what a good vacation does to you even if you go about the days without sufficient sleep!

Hm... Haniza had sufficient sleep during our trip though.. I believe she had a minimum of 7 hours each night. She took these supplements that would boost your energy during the day and give you good sleep at night. It's quite amazing because she was never tired during the day (despite all the long solo drives) and then she sleeps pretty on time and soundly till the next morning. I got tempted for a bit then. But nahhh I never really liked taking pills of any kind.

Anyway, sleeping on time is good.. But one area of Western Australia we didn't manage to explore was their night life - Such as checking out their bars, pubs and clubs! We never went out late at night to explore places. Most of the time, we get back late from a day of exploration, wash up and just... rest. We wanted to head out on our last day, but end up resting in too. Lol. Is this the sign of aging?

Oh my.... I miss Perth, while blogging this 5th day entry now.
It's 9th October 2016, ALREADY one year late to completing this update about my Australia trip. Gaaah.

Time flies!

 8 Days In Western Australia - Day 5:
Whale Sighting, Aqua and Caversham Wildlife Park

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Our 5th day was a day well spent with animals! Both on land and sea. It was quite an experience sighting whales, going out in the sea and chasing them, but I'm sure I won't do it again in the near future....... More on that later. Caversham Wildlife Park X was nice, but I would say visiting the zoo is best planned for at least half a day! We had a few hours to spare, but it was very near their closing time so there weren't really much activities or people around. Less crowd is good, but no crowd makes it a little.. lonely?

 photo P1400430.jpg
First gorgeous sight that morning.

I like to watch nature.
The sky. The sea. The grass.
It calms my soul.

The day started early. I cannot remember how early, but I know it was early. LOL.

Okay. So I just checked the time this shot was taken and it was at exactly 8:31am. It would take about 30 minutes to drive from our apartment (we stayed here, nice place, great hosts!) to arrive here so I assume we left at around 7:30am because I remember we arrived quite early and actually had time to have our breakfast in the car before checking in for our whale watching!!!!!


I was very excited then.

We got the whale watching packages way before our trip - During our planning phase. Because like a true-blue Singaporean, we were both very kiasu and wanted to make sure that we'll definitely get the tickets! Lol. Also because it was recommended to book seats online before our trip to avoid any disappointments. The boat we were on was full!

 photo P1400429.jpg

There are a few areas where whales can be spotted in Australia... But they are not easily sighted throughout the year.. They have migration seasons (June to December) and this is the best period you'll get to sight them while they swim from one area to another.

The probability of sighting these amazing creatures also depends on where you are. If you're at Western Australia between June to August, there's a higher chance of spotting them down at Augusta. And if you're traveling between August to December, the whales have already moved upwards around Hillarys Boat Harbour (X).

And so, we decided on Mills Charters (X).

 photo GOPR2162_1444178848014_high.jpg
Lucky us, the sky was very clear that day... Weather was good.

The packages have a guarantee that you'll sight whales while they migrate or they'll give you a free trip out again to claim another day. It's a fantastic deal. But it won't be good for tourists like us. Lol. I was very glad we saw bits of the whales. Can't imagine being out for that few hours, not sight any whales and have to shuffle our itinerary to head back there again.

 photo 20151007_083512.jpg

 photo GOPR2161_1444178848014_high.jpg
Right before we board our boat!

 photo P1400431.jpg

 photo GOPR2164_1444178848014_high.jpg
Excited faces!

I wasn't sure what to expect from this experience at first, and was slightly worried about being seasick. I am definitely not foreign to a boat ride, considering my experience with chartering boats while cruising (read here!) and a one time ride releasing fish (this goes way back to 2009 omg), but I couldn't be sure. Especially since the last cruise trip had me feeling uncomfortable for few days - the sea around Taiwan is very rough. :(

Also, a friend who was studying in Perth went whale watching down at Augusta before we planned this trip. She told me the sea was really choppy and the ride made her boyfriend sick. I was half hoping that I'll survive the ride without buffing. I'm glad I really didn't!

 photo P1400434.jpg
Our travelmates!

It's nice to see families gathering together for an activity. I wish my family did more together other than eat. We used to go bowling... :( But now we just eat. Lol.

 photo 20151007_113652.jpg
The boat ride was really fast to bring us in the middle of nowhere!

 photo P1400441.jpg
Looks calm? Looks are deceiving!

Not sure if it's obvious how choppy the sea was.

 photo 20151007_113518.jpg
But the boat ride was very calming. Made me feel like sleeping.

See what we spotted! You'll see them spray water before you can spot their tails flipping out of the water.

It's amazing. Though they were far and looked pretty small...

The whales we spotted were humpback whales! We were educated about whales while we were sailing. It was very interesting. But don't ask me what I've learnt, I'd return it back to the sea after alighting from the boat. Lol.

 photo 20151007_111754.jpg
Everyone's standing and looking out trying to spot the whales!

After whale watching, we continued our sea creature exploration at the nearby aquarium!

 photo P1400432.jpg
Complimentary with our whale watching package.
80AUD well spent!

 photo P1400460.jpg

 photo P1400457.jpg

 photo P1400458.jpg

 photo 20151007_123638.jpg
See the colors! Gorgeous.

Aquariums are aquariums.
They have special lights to bring out the beauty of nature. But nature is still beautiful and amazing.

 photo 20151007_124919.jpg

Singapore's aquarium is definitely bigger though.

 photo 20151007_130849.jpg
Tell me what you see......... Because I don't remember what I snapped here.


 photo P1400461.jpg
And here you'll have stingray homes.
The place look very resort-like.

 photo 20151007_124845.jpg

After sighting whales and exploring the aquarium in the morning, we finally had some time to have lunch! The friend who's studying at Perth gave us some recommendations.

Hillarys Boat Harbour has a variety of shops and restaurants.

 photo P1400463.jpg
Churros for desserts!

 photo P1400465.jpg
Got the chocolate and white chocolate dip!
But I had my share without any dips. LOL.

Haniza was like "You're done with the churros without any dip?! Why!"

 photo P1400462.jpg
Very good recommendation by our friend.

 photo P1400466.jpg
Birds of Tokyo!
Chicken, mayonnaise, pickles and sesame seeds!

I think it's the pickles that gave this pizza the kick. It was so good that we went back and tried other flavours the next day.

SO YUM! I can remember how good it was!!

Or maybe not. Lol.

We didn't have leisure time to enjoy the pizza properly - had it on the go and stinked our car. Hahaha.

 photo P1400467.jpg
Next up, Caversham Wildlife Park!

It's like the go-to park in Perth. So many good reviews!

So...... Welcome to Caversham Wildlife Park (!!!

 photo P1400468.jpg

 photo P1400470.jpg

 photo P1400476.jpg

Lol. The second green bird was in a very vibrant color.

 photo P1400480.jpg

I'm not good with the names of each animals, but I thought this was cute.

 photo P1400481.jpg
It's like a rat, but larger, less gross and cuter.
Try spotting the tail. IT'S REALLY LONG.

 photo P1400483.jpg

So excited to see them! But they don't feel the same seeing me leh. {C}I don't really see the appeal of these tree hugging animals. They look... blur and sleepy.

Fine, these are expressions that could be cute. Koalas are cute. A bit.

But.... their cute expressions, don't match their bodies.

 photo P1400485.jpg
Just look at the Koala on the left. The body...
SO HUGE. Can you imagine it with a cute face?!

Maybe it's just me. But... their cuteness is overrated.

 photo P1400486.jpg
Kangaroos too.

I don't think they are cute at all. Have I mentioned it in my previous entries?
It's been so long that I don't remember what I've blogged anymore. :X LOL.

But yes, Kangaroos are not cute.

 photo P1400488.jpg
But it's quite scary to see that they pratically have 3 legs, all powerful enough to make you fly when they kick you.

 photo P1400492.jpg
Look at this mama and her joey.

 photo P1400494.jpg
An albino kangaroo having an itch.

The kangaroos at the wildlife park is very used to humans. They don't care about us going gugu-gaga about them (not that I was), but it's pretty fascinating to be looking at them so up close!! There were poop everywhere too. Woohoo. But it doesn't smell as bad as I'd thought it'll be.

See them scratching scratching!
The first one is a Wallaby by the way. I think they are way cuter than Kangaroos.

 photo 20151007_160714.jpg

 photo 20151007_160805.jpg

 photo 20151007_160830.jpg
Random sunray selfie shot lol

 photo 20151007_161237.jpg
Taking selfies with flowers instead of the animals?!

 photo 20151007_164517.jpg

 photo 20151007_165038.jpg

 photo 20151007_165108.jpg

 photo P1400510.jpg

Anyway, I was Googling to find out if they call these white peacocks albino as well, but instead, I learnt that 'peafowl' is actually the correct name of these bird species!! I've always thought they are just peakcocks, both male and female! But nope, peacocks are reserved for males and for females, they are called..................... peaHENS!!!! Lol. Whuuuuut...

Googled to check out how peahens look like..... And man.. They look just like normal birds. WHY!!! The term 'peahens' also don't sound nice compared to peacocks. -.-

 photo P1400495.jpg
More kangaroos!!!! Because they are everywhere, like we can't have enough of them.....

Run run run!!! So fast.

 photo P1400496.jpg
I wish they never standup. IT LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN WITH RAT EARS OMG.

Cannot unsee. Omg.

 photo P1400497.jpg
Joeys feeding on mummies.

Still can't unsee that manly kangaroo. Omg.

 photo P1400498.jpg
Looks so wrong, but don't think wrong!
It's just an albino mama kangaroo with her joey inside!

I wonder how big is that pouch! The joey just literally stuffed herself inside. Must be warm. Lol.

 photo P1400501.jpg
White peacocks are rare, but these are still the most beautiful birds EVER!!!

The colors are not static, but literally holographic!!!! How can nature be created so beautiful! They look like different shades of blue and purple when it moves. Really gorgeous!

 photo P1400502.jpg
And here's a random butt of a peacock. I've never really noticed the butt of a peacock before.. LOL.

Now watch this beauty in motion! Hahaha.

 photo P1400504.jpg

I think these are called 'Pademelons'? Kangaroo lookalikes. I believe it's the same kind I mentioned are rat lookalikes earlier in this entry. Lol.

I am not good with the names of animals. Googled them but they look so similar!

 photo P1400505.jpg

 photo P1400508.jpg
Their insect side. Nothing much.

 photo P1400509.jpg

And this is the last of it. 2 days ago, Facebook notified me that this trip happened a year ago. Geez. Time flies, and I really need to complete this trip..... 2016 has been good so far, and there has been a proposal and marriage I should be blogging about!!!

Leaving this entry with a sunray in my hair shot again. Lol.
 photo IMG-20151007-WA0000.jpg

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