Friday, December 19, 2014

Team Lunch (&Dinner Dates)

HI HI HI!!! :D

It's Friday, and I'm home at 9pm, and bored.

Work has made me realise how very precious Fridays and weekends are.... It's possibly the only time to have proper rests and enjoy some 'life' amidst the daily hectic routines.

Some Fridays, I'll wanna just come home early (work ends at 5:30pm on Fridays, a real TGIF) and rot the beginning of my weekend away... And some Fridays, I'll wanna head out and not come back home at all. Lol.

Today's one of those stayhome Fridays! :D But, I'm bored now. xD

It's been a great week. Work's good (I choose to think). Other than meeting Haniza on Tuesday, I also had dinner out on Wednesday and Thursday! ^^

Met up with Alexandra for the first time after she left 2/3 weeks ago for dinner, on Wednesday. Settled down for Saybons and had a nice time chatting. Humans are fascinating creatures, and Alexandra is on the weird side too. hahahahaha. I find it hard to agree with her concept of Man. :/

And on Thursday, yesterday, met up with Yugine for Genki Sushi. We seem to frequent there the most.... Like.... 'When in doubt, go to Genki'. Lol. And this dear little girl shared so much about her life now... It was all so interesting yet puzzling and weird at the same time. So brave this girl.

Last night was a pretty brief evening though. Or rather, I would say both nights. It was a simple dinner catchup and go home kind of date. Inadequate time together, but good enough to wait for the next meetup.

 photo P1360151_zpspiogylyv.jpg
Today's Team Lunch!
Introducing my Project Team members!
Not everyone was present though...................
ps: So shouldn't post them on my blog, but no one at work knows I blog, and no one would even find it also luh. Since people would post it on Facebook, posting it on my blog where no one reads won't matter anywayz.

So anyway, the bosses bought us lunch today! ^^ Went to Gayatri @ Orchid Country Club. It's a restaurant that serves Indian Fusion cuisine. My first time actually having proper Indian food. With so many Indians in the team (and with 2 being my best companions at work), I've tried a few different Indian food over the course of 4 months. Most in my entire life! It has been advanturous. Lol. The only 'Indian' food I've had all these while is just prata........ hurhur.

The food served in the restaurant were all good! Loved all the chicken! I like how they seasoned and cooked them so tender!!
Except maybe some dishes were a little too salty, spicy and oily to my liking.

 photo P1360153_zpssqotleks.jpg
Our big boss ordered the food.
AND THERE WERE SO SO SO MUCH FOOD!! The two round tables couldn't even fit all.
We had to pass on some dishes and clear as much as we can so MORE food can be served. Lol. We were definitely waaay too full after lunch. But it was enjoyable!

First time having a meal together as a team. Maybe I'm just being a typical greenhorn, easily having fun and such.... Then again, I'm typically someone who appreciates interaction... At least it allows me to become closer to people and make work a lot easier and enjoyable? Hmmmz.

 photo P1360155_zpsedcnzru4.jpg
So anyway, I had fun during lunch today. ^^

And I have unintentionally made this entry too long. :X Byeeeeeeeeee. I shall continue to rot my Friday away with some movies! :D

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