Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MOOMIN & My Hanistar!!!

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I am not really a fan of plushies, but I saw 2NE1's Park Bom owning a Moomin (named 'Poong-Poong') and thought it was really cute! Since then, I've wanted a huge Moomin because it's like a bolster I can hug and sleep with..............

So one day while shopping with Haniza, I not-so casually asked for a Moomin as a gift when we passed a shop and saw a huge Moomin! LOL! I like how our friendship has developed to being direct, honest and comfortable.

Most importantly, we both enjoy picking our own gifts! :D

But this plushie came as a total surprise!!!!!!!

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So....... I met up with Haniza tonight for dinner. (I like how we're meeting a lot more this year. Work has made life hectic, but free at the same time. Lol.) While waiting for our turn at Itacho, she brought the gift out. I WAS SO EXCITED!!!! Surprise gifts FTW!!!

And then I opened it on the spot (with permission of course!), and was extremely delighted to see the soft fluffy Moomin!!!! :D Even though it's the small sized one (Haniza said the huge one costs over 200. Madness!), I love it just the same. Especially so when it's a gift. Muahahahhaha.

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Before dinner, I went over to Krispy Kreme to get some doughnuts for breakfast tomorrow.

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The Oreo one looks a little too sweet, but that's for my Chocolate-loving colleague.
I cannot wait to try their berry jam filled doughnuts! HEHEHE.

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Goodnight from Moomin and I! xD

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