Saturday, December 06, 2014

A Change.

"Change is the only constant in life."
― Heraclitus

And today, there was a change.

Our office has gone through another round of renovation!!! (I heard that it occurs only once every 10 years..... :O !) The whole process started a month ago(?) Progressively renovated an area with people shifting into the main general area batch by batch. We're the fourth batch!

And so now.....................................................

 photo 20140804_114611_zps5b6461cd.jpg  photo IMG-20141205-WA0013_zpsbwknifme.jpg work environment has changed from the left to the right.
From peace and quiet to boisterous and distracting.
From being lonely in an 'isolated' corridor to being easily found in the 'middle'.
From being far away from bosses to being almost right infront of bosses.

I have absolutely no complains of my new work place (as yet), because I definitely know everything is clean and new now! hehe. I'll never be upset with new things! This new arrangement would also help me make more friends and become closer to my project team because we're now all so close one and other! :D

Anywayz, today was a nice day. Other than shifting, I also had lunch with Kesslyn at Nanyang Polytechnic. ^^ Finally having lunch together on a workday. Meeting friends for lunch will always make a workday good. It's like a proper break from work. Headed out with a colleague, Rachel, after work too!

 photo 20141205_203633_zpskuownjs7.jpg
Desserts after dinner!
Cannot believe I'd queued for this earlier today.
The first few times I saw the shop opening in Plaza Singapura, there were barely any queues! But today, I started queueing from a distance away from the shop and towards the carpark. :O A bit crazy.

&after trying llao llao, I don't get it. It's definitely nice, but it's not that fantastic?
I'll prefer Yoguru anytime! But of course, it's unfair to compare since they are served very differently....... I'll definitely prefer the yoghurt icecream from Yoguru though. The yoghurt!

Okay. I'm tired.

 photo IMG-20141205-WA0011_zpsoh21znei.jpg

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