Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Food Poisoned.


It's been a terrible Tuesday and Wednesday. As titled, I was down with food poisoning and all I've done for the past 2 days was sleep. I've never slept so much before...

Even after a nap and knowing I've had enough sleep, all I really wanna do is go back to sleep. I don't even wanna eat or drink anything. My head hurts and my body is burning but I just wanna close my eyes and sleep more. :( I feel numbed everywhere and my head is spinning, but I just wanna go back to sleep and forget the world.

My life for the past 2 days. Sucked.

I hope all these sleeping won't make me too alert tonight though.... Else it's going to be tough at work tomorrow....... >< This food poisoning came at an awful time. Firstly because it's December. December is the month to spend lots of money because it's the last month of the year and it's Christmas season! Lots of gifts to prepare and lots of sales happening!!!!! And BAM! I've just spent $120 on cabs and medication. -,- (Cabbed to and fro work because I was feeling so weak. Yes, work. I had to go back to the office because someone new is joining our project and I have the cabinet key with me. The new staff's laptop is in that cabinet. FML. Also had to bring back my laptop to do some work. Sigh.....)

Secondly, yesterday was the last work day of my Hungarian friend. :(((( Although I managed to say goodbye rather hastily and passed her the gifts I prepared, I still feel bad for it being so brief. Well..... At least I got to see the new guy who's replacing her, and to introduce myself through her. Hopefully didn't leave a bad impression. :/

SIGH. Kind of unbelievable that I've been so sick when I've just typed a whole chunk whining about being sick. Hurrr....

ps: I got poisoned by some cold baby potatoes I ate for dinner on Monday. :(

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