Sunday, December 07, 2014

Jiaxuan's 23rd Birthday!

 photo 20141206_230358_zpszqeoll5o.jpg
My dearest Penguin turns 23 today!!!!
&Here's us at her place late last night attempting another surprise.

As always, we failed.
This penguin is too smart for her own good. lol.
We were too near too noisy. Got caught right outside her house.
All thanks to the guys! >:(

 photo 20141206_230421_zpszbeewwkd.jpg
Another birthday together. :)
We're meeting for dinner tomorrow.
Wanted to bring her to town, get some festive mood and enjoy some good food.
This Kesslyn comes in and say she can join us if we meet at Nex and there.... we're meeting at Nex. T^T
Anyhow, any time with good friends is a good time.

 photo 20141206_230108_zps3xhbls3w.jpg
Got her a small treat~
twelve cupcake!

 photo 20141206_230136_zpsghbx7ezb.jpg

 photo 20141206_230439_zpslpxbdohc.jpg

 photo 20141206_230225_zpsuqttbntk.jpg

 photo 20141206_230242_zpsqqiv6ou3.jpg

 photo 20141206_230343_zps4kvrvnip.jpg

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