Saturday, August 16, 2014

Syuhadadada's Birthday! :D

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Celebrated Syuhada's birthday yesterday, 12 days belated. :X
Better late than never, right? xD

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Had dinner at Eighteen's Chef.

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Enjoyed my pasta! Tasty. :)

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&Then, we went to Antoniette for some tea and "cakes".
Too bad the cakes they serve contains gelatine. :(

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Good thing their macaroons are fine though. ^^

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Tired tired but happy.

 photo P1350318_zpsb78d2e30.jpg  photo P1350319_zps86a68681.jpg  photo P1350320_zps91968a30.jpg  photo P1350321_zpscabf0c48.jpg

 photo P1350322_zps71e15c4f.jpg  photo P1350323_zps1e07002d.jpg  photo P1350324_zpsd858b53e.jpg  photo P1350325_zpsf839b21b.jpg

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Mine was some rose tea and it was white. :(

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My pretty Syusyu~~~ :D

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