Friday, August 15, 2014

Retail Therapy~

My second week at work has ended.

All is good.

And today, I went a little crazy.

Met up with my sister supposedly for some Itacho, but the queue was so insanely long. Enjoyed dinner at Bangkok Jam instead.
Thereafter, we did some shopping. Or rather, my sister did some shopping. Tops. Bottoms.

I wanted to spend money but didn't see anything I like. And then, my sis went to check out Cath Kidston.
At the end of the day, my sister got herself a bag of clothes and a tote bag. And I.... got her a new backpack and bought myself two card holders (that I do not need).

 photo 20140816_210351_zpsfbd7eb3f.jpg

I super love the soldiers one. I was so so so tempted to buy two. I've never thought things like these are cute. Especially flowers. But, I bought them because I was a little crazy. Hur hur hur.

I am happy to have spent some money. Quite a bit of money. (the backpack I got my sis damn ex!) Is this the so called "retail therapy"? Spending a lot of money but feeling happy to do it. Lol.

Can't believe I just rumbled so much on shopping. And on my two card holders. LOL.
I shall now leave and sit in the corner of my room to reflect on my impulse purchases. *rocks*

 photo 20140816_210413_zps351e8347.jpg
I miss my happypills.

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