Monday, June 02, 2014

River Safari!

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^^ Had a great time with Kesslyn on Saturday!!
We got free tickets to River Safari (courtesy of my mum's workplace!) and spent the entire day together. :D

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It was my mother's workplace 'Family Day'.
My sister was suppose to join us but her work is a bitch. :X
So, I end up asking my "cousin" along for this trip.

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We agreed to have her known as my elder cousin (表姐) because that's the only time I'll get to act young. -,- Lol.
When she updated her social media accounts with a "With my 表妹 for a day trip to see panda!", there's this person who went "表姐吧!u look younger then her lol"

Walao?! Need to be so serious not??? I was hurt. :( Even though it's the truth.


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OH OH OH!!! Coincidentally, her real cousin is also in the same camp as my mother. They both got a shock when they saw each other there. Hahahah. The world is so small.

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I realise this is one of my favourite sea creature (after jellyfishes), because they look quite cute!

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The ones we have are so huge!

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Barely started going around and my parents are sitting already. =,=

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And a random pyramid appeared. Lol.

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I am very far from the sucker(?) fish because I really think it is super disgusting?! LOL.
Even if there's a glass in-between. I... just can't.

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Before visiting the pandas~
We took a mini break!

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Panda bun and Panda cappuccino.

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Kesslyn bought them. Because she's a sucker for such cute stuffs.

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The bun turn out to taste good (according to her, I didn't try).
This bun with yellow eyes has chocolate custard! 
She prefers the redbean filling, just like many other people.
Oh. She packed another 8 Panda buns home to share with her family. Yes, 8!!! LOL!!!

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The cappuccino was nice too (according to my Dad)!!
Funny how she bought a drink she doesn't drink. Lol. Lucky my dad was there.. Else, I have no idea who would finish that big cup of coffee. Lol.

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Red panda!

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So not cute?!

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There were so so so many people!!!!!

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Sad faces because the pandas were hiding indoors and we thought we won't get to see them.
BUT!!! We decide to just stay put in the place and wait till they come out. Lol.
It was a good decision because many people left and the place was slightly less crowded.

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Have seen Kai Kai before. HERE! Their only difference is their nose! Jia Jia has a pink nose!

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Paparazzi shot.

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Looking right into the camera!!!!
(Actually don't know if she is because her dark circles so black!)

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And here's how we tried to take selfies with the panda. Lol.

 photo P1040615_zps3ba16837.jpg
Happy Panda is happy.

 photo P1040616_zpsa0ed03b6.jpg
This bird marks the end to our trip.
We didn't go on the cruise and was glad we didn't. I heard people talk about how it just went round for a little while. Looking around the place, it didn't look like there's anything to view when people go on the cruise anyway. =,=

After River Safari, we headed for some lunch and shopping at Sembawang area before going by my Uncles' place to collect some Rice Dumpling. MY GRANDMA MAKES THE BEST!!! :D My mother is an asshole though. Mentioning how we won't get to eat it in a few years time. =,=

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Okay, bye! :D

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