Saturday, May 31, 2014

May's Snapshots!

 photo 20140521_200515_zps005ca822.jpg
My usual, SUGAR SPAM!! :D

 photo 20140521_204941_zps846b2123.jpg

 photo 20140521_205931_zps090caeee.jpg
Cannot stop myself from exclaiming how cute she is whenever she sits like this! ♥.♥

 photo 20140527_124903_zpsec788ada.jpg
Staring at me hoping I'll bring her out....
I really cannot stand it whenever she sits like that and just stare at me. LOL. And she look so pitiful that day...

So... I brought her out!
I've been bringing her out very often lately. x,x

 photo 20140527_144707_zps96d7cf99.jpg
Happy dog is a smiling dog.
(She's just panting actually)

 photo 20140527_173551_zpsa5ae435e.jpg
After the hour walk...

 photo 20140527_173656_zps32e7afdb.jpg  photo 20140527_173712_zps8f49c728.jpg
After her bath!

 photo P1040552_zps4ed57f72.jpg
And this was taken this morning!!
Didn't wanna eat her breakfast and went to disturb my Dad. Lol.

 photo P1040553_zpsae5949ad.jpg

 photo 20140531_214834_zpsd87c1773.jpg

 photo IMG-20140531-WA0005_zpsb7962f36.jpg  photo IMG-20140531-WA0003_zps3d14b1ac.jpg

 photo IMG-20140531-WA0004_zpsadb2d747.jpg photo IMG-20140531-WA0002_zps04c6edb1.jpg

 photo 20140524_190502_zps56294e15.jpg  photo 20140524_190729_zps50bca78a.jpg
Dinner with maternal family at Yishun Safra and I was in the mood to take pictures! ^^

 photo P1040487_zps84b389aa.jpg  photo P1040488_zpsd4ddae4c.jpg

 photo P1040489_zps0078fa41.jpg

 photo P1040492_zpsec29ab36.jpg  photo P1040493_zps299a672b.jpg
My aunt! :D

 photo 2014-05-21-23-38-53_deco_zps0cc6a42e.jpg  photo 2014-05-21-23-38-00_deco_zpsa4761153.jpg
&To end off this entry, a picture with Zylia on the night I treated her to some icecream! :D
It doesn't look like she has just extracted her Wisdom tooth right? Lol.

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