Thursday, March 06, 2014

Birthday Treat @ Privé Cafe!

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It has been a wonderful wonderful night. After spending the afternoon with my family at Sentosa, I finally met up with Zylia at Vivo City. I’m really happy she found a place nearby for dinner because I was really lazy to travel to town (or anywhere else!) from Sentosa. :x

(Anyway, the family was at Sentosa because we were checking-in to Siloso Beach Resort for my sister. Not like you care but yeah. Lol.)

It didn’t take her very long to suggest Privé Cafe though. A place she has wanted to visit for a pretty long time. I haven’t been there ever since my first time there with Karen two years ago. I was quite excited and was certainly looking forward to their dinner menu (since I had fond memories of their brunch!).

The place is actually pretty near Vivo City!!!!! If I’d known that it was at such a walkable distance from Vivo City, I won’t have waited this long to go there again. I LOVE THE PLACE! I like where it’s located and I can see myself just spending my time reading a book, staring into the big blue sky and sea, or even just people watch at that cafe!

I was glad we managed to take pictures and camwhored a little before the sky turn dark. The entire place looked romantic at night; Romantic and dark. Lol.


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Our dinner!
I like the Seafood Mariana Pasta more than the burger.
But their fries are nice!

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Here's the girl who said the pasta was bland but finished more than half of it anywayz. HAHAHHAHA.

Dinner went by fine. We were just chatting and catching up with plenty of stuffs before we finally made orders for our dessert. And then..... I WAS GIVEN ANOTHER SURPRISE!!!!!!!

This Zylia has done it again! It was pretty obvious when she did it last year (because she went over to talk to the host) but this year, she never left the table or talked to any one in the Cafe separately! It was totally unexpected! :O

So there I was just staring into blank when suddenly dessert was served with a candle on our Sticky Pudding Date all nicely placed on a really nicely decorated plate. LOL. Too many 'nicely' in one sentence.

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It was EXTREMELY windy, so I had no choice but to pose with a weird hand.

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Check out who's photobombing us!

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 photo P1020652_zps4410f367.jpg

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So yes, it was so windy that my candle kept going off.
I think I tried relighting it more than five times.

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The photobomber came!

 photo P1020656_zps8a68e33b.jpg
He tried to blow it with me and even signaled to repeat it!
So I relighted the candle another two times. LOL.

 photo P1020657_zps2f6b0fa5.jpg
Here's me trying to carry him up but I couldn't.
Too heavy. :x

After the expensive dinner, we took a stroll back to the MRT Station and left for home. ^^

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Of course, we camwhored a little bit more. ^^

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Thank you for being so generous to me! I'll start saving up for your gift now. HAHAHAH.

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Feel so loved.

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