Thursday, March 06, 2014

Dinner Alone With Syuhada For The First Time!

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A long title that suggests just what this entry is about! Dinner alone with Syuhada. :D We’ve always been able to ‘click’ since our Polyschool days and most of the time, we share very similar ideology about things. That’s why we've always said we’re twins in Poly. Except, she has a real twin and we don’t really tell people we’re twins in Poly. LOLOL!!!

Anyway, I cannot believe that this is only our first time hanging out together alone! I mean... Apart from the daily bus rides home from school together, we've never once met up after graduating (or even during our three years in school) for a good meal.

Ah! There was once where we almost met up alone! But because Sheryl was available, we got her to join us too! :D This time, it was for my birthday! And I was really happy when she contacted me and suggested we have a dinner for my birthday. Best thing? HER TREAT!!! HEHEHE.

I guess, the best part about birthdays is to have free meals. Hahahahahha. Not that I’m being a cheapo, but doesn't it just feel nice to dine at a nice place and eat good food for free? LOL. I’ll pick that over gifts anytime! Unless, I have something I want to buy luh.

LOL! My cheapo side aside, it was a really nice night. We managed to catch up and talk about anything, everything! :D

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MEATBALLS!!!! I've been craving for these for ages! HEHEHE.

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After dinner, we chilled a little longer at Starbucks because there weren't any nice or appealing cakes in Fika. OH YA! We had dinner at Fika. HEHE.

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