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Baby in NPCONCC is 18!


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And, I'm sorry if I bore you people with this entry this time. LOL I'm too tired. hehehe... And I think I might miss our details here or there. LOL!

Surprise for Yaping was a semi-success today!
Not a 100% because SHE DIDN'T CRY!!! Lol. Okay luh~ It was because she heard us and quickly went to change to look better lo~ Tsk! Lol.

Anyhow, it was a great surprise! The baby of NPCONCC has finally turned 18! Hahaha~ The next activity shall be CHRISTMAS! Woohoo~

Alrighty, pictures up ahead. Nothing much to rant as of now.
Omona! There's one- Now that two of us has DSLR, most of our digital cameras are like useless. LOL! So, my camera was used for mostly videos while Weishan's was like... nowhere to be seen. hurhur. These rich kids are annoying, show off their DSLR only! Lol.


***I am going to be boring. LOL! Because, I'm dog tired... Kthxbye~

Soohou was the earliest to my place followed by Gary then Weishan and Jolene..

Waiting for the others to arrive...

Playing with Gary's DSLR.
Guess what he's taking...





Lame Soohou...

More scalp shots. LOL!
And that disgusting Weishan .. LOL.


Act only. ;x

Bestfriends! Hehehe.

Ivy's arrival !

Waiting for the time to pass~~

Risked my camera to take this shot because ugly turn and look into the camera. Tsk! Lol.

Weishan trying to snatch the roses while I was trying to keep it away from her and sms-ing. LOL!

I'm a great multi-tasker. ;)

Spraying some water on the roses to make it look extra pretty! Lol.


Budget and Jasmine. ;) LOL!

Walking down...

The flowers~~~~

Pretty nice shot. But the photographer is ugly. LOL!

I left it there. (:

FLOWERSSSSSS~~~ :D Roses and Jasmine. HAHAHAHA !!!

J sisters. kekeke.

Ugly and me. LOL!

Pretty right? ;)


Walking to her block to get ready. Woohoo!
We were damn noisy luh. Was pretty afraid she might hear us. Lol.


Pretty shot. But still, ugly.

Me is so gonna get it from that ugly. xD

Paparazzi wannabe. LOL!


Arrivals of Cindy and Serene~

Waiting for time to pass...

Moving on to under her block. ;)

CheeFai came and join in the surprise! :D

Tsk! DSLRs~~

Finalising the plan~

Finish explaining and up we go!

Her dad came back~ LOL!

Singing the Birthday song~
There's video. And it'll be up in youtube soon~ hehe.

Still singing after like... the 3rd time?! Lol.

We thought Yaping didn't hear us. Turns out she actually did; quickly went to wash up, peeked out of her window before responding. LOL! And we went into the house lo. -.-

SEE! lol. She was still in the toilet...


No tears. :(

Not speechless also. :'(

Bringing her down for her second surprise. ;)

**anxious anxious**


**Side note: I am so sleepy and tired, I'm like eating mooncakes to keep myself awake... LOL! Okay, sorry. Random.

Make a wish!
Sowoneul Marhaebwa! LOL!


Sweeter than my mooncake. LOL!

Aww~~~ And that's her first dare for the day night! :D
To kiss for 18s LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG seconds. hahahah.

Backstage people~ Lol.

Looking at her presents~

Still can't believe Gary make me part of the picture. Zzz
I was exclaiming how the cake might be Strawberry shortcake lo~ TSK! Lol.
Stupid Ugly Neo.

More kissing shots~ ^^ LOL!
There's video too. Haha. Up in youtube soon.

I like this shot best.

Then it was just chilling and cam-whoring. hurhur.

The people who did the banner. And Ivy the extra~! LOL...
Banner preparation here!

Ahhh~ Just us. ;) But! BLURR LA! Tsk~

While we were taking shots of our own...

There was another photoshoot carrying on.. LOL.

Uncle Soohou getting tired.

Watch the pro at work!

The guys ~

The few of us were left rotting at one side while the other girls were...

Cam-whoring! Lol.

But we're still okay with it because we have each other by our sides unlike...

Loner CheeFai! Lol.

My pretty girlfriends.

Girls group shot!

Guys group shot.

Samuel, Ugly and Soohou.

LOL! Ugly is disgusting (Inside joke)

Pretties, handsome and Ugly.

After much procrastination, we finally headed back to Yaping's house to chill and just slack. LOL!

NOT! Lol.

The brownies were good. :)

She didn't wipe her mouth clean. tsktsktsk. ;)

So the night, surprise and celebration ended like that.
Reach home around 2.32AM, prepared to sleep but only slept at around 4++... The next morning, I was woken up by Gary's smses and Yaping's call. LOL! We planned to have breakfast together at 10AM. And, I was the only who called for 10AM. Zzz Was a bit reluctant and regretful to be up that early. LOL!
But still, headed out anyway.

Mac for Breakfast! :D

While I transfer all pictures too... :D

Weishan said something like this:
"We shouldn't be sleepy because around this time 2 years back; we're in school doing Maths."
LOL! Omg, Maths, OMG, School, Omg Secondary school days.

I miss them...

Walked around Hougang Mall, played arcade and supermarket-ed before heading back home... Oh yeah, that was before we did the second surprise! Lol.
Where Cheefai came over to spent the afternoon with her. HAHA! She didn't know that it was all planned. ;) Cute her. Haha. Her reaction was classic. Damn cute. LOL!


It's been a long time since I had to upload these many pictures. Had a tough time selecting favourite pictures too. HAHA! What more, due to the number of DSLRs, the shots are getting prettier! HAHAHAH~


My pretty friends~

Hardworking ones to make the surprise a success~~~ :D


Ugly and me.
PS: Me and Gary are really really good friends luh. Just teasing him, I'm still a very nice friend okay? HAHAH! And this Ugly is actually pretty good looking in real life. So... LOL! They are all jokes. ;)

BB and me~~~

Soohou spoilt the picture like seriously. LOL!
Been so long since I last took pictures with Soohou uh. :)

YAY! (:

That's me and my not-so-short short hair. LOL!
Before going for the celebration, did an impromtu hair treatment and cut my hair short.
For the very first time, I felt a LITTLE BIT sad to have to cut it short. :(

But still, it's not much of a difference luh. LOL!

Because we had too many pictures, I had to split entries just in case.
To view the preparation for the banner; CLICK HERE!!!

Till here.

Sorry to have bore you people. LOL!

Got some pretty pictures from Serene!!! Yay-ness!!

Omg! What the hell were they talking about?! Lol.
Funny sh*t~~ LOL. Click to enlarge like seriously. FUNNY!

Going up up up!


Birthday girl~~

SEE THE BANNER! Lol. Only picture of it I think`


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