Saturday, October 03, 2009


So, the birthday surprise was planned for approximately a week! :)

On the 29th, few of us met up to prepare the banner, finalise the plan and finish the contacting&informing of everyone who were to be involved... After which, they stayed back because Jolene wanna watch the Wedding of the Year~~

Jolene and Gary really...
Throughout the whole wedding broadcast, they kept repeating: "Sponsor one sponsor one!" at almost everything... LOL!
Damn cute...

And, I think Gary got drunk or something later at night because he couldn't stop laughing at the slightest thing. Zzz Lol. Sent them home and cleared my place~~




Checking to see how long the "paper" is...

Starting on the wordings~

Weishan: Main artiste to draw and stuff.
Gary: Cut and paste
Jolene: Cut and highlight words
Jasmine: Cut and highlight words. :0

Realise I was the one taking pictures and may end up not being in any so, decided to crop a bit of my face inside. LOL!

See me again~ Lol.

Click to enlarge. Their expressions are rather cute. Especially Weishan's...

(Pardon me, but I'm getting a bit drowsy and may start typing nonsense! Lol.)

Gary looks sick in here. :S

A conversation we had...
Jasmine MGary Weishan

"Gary, why are you not into soccer?"
"It's boring."
"What about basketball?"
"He's only into folding cranes la."
"No la!"
"And, cross stitch..."

(Gary was surfing the net trying to figure out how to fold cranes while we were doing the outlines of the banner...)

To view the surprise and "celebration", CLICK HERE!!!

Till here.

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