Monday, September 21, 2009

Sarcastic Only~

Wait, wait and more waiting~ LOL.

That was what I did after blogging this afternoon; all because of someone ahhhhh ! Lol. Anyway, still had a greattttttt fun with Christina, Huanqing and Simin. They are my burping family! But of course, I'm the ONLY ONE who doesn't burp loudly infront of everyone! ;) Lol.
These girls are seriously damn disgusting! And the burping queen aka. Huanqing! Was like damn damn damn sarcastic to Christina for the whole day la~ Lol.

Anyway, cabbed down to meet Christina at AMK Hub and shopped the freaking crowded NTUC for drinks and snacks. =.= It was superrrrr crowded!
Had faulty communications and finally met up with Simin and Huanqing like after fifteen minutes?! Lol. Left for Marina Barrage after that.

Picnic-ed, chilled, chatted and headed to Plaza Singapura without Simin. Shopped a little before heading back home...

Okay, naggy-ness till here~~~


Simin: "I'll go S11 first."
Simin: "Go OCK now~~~"
Jasmine: "Christina wanna buy drink from Sweet Talk first. See you at OCK."
-Minutes later...-
Simin: "I'm at Sweet Talk now" and at the same time;
Jasmine: "I'm at OCK..."
=.= Lol.

Shots of Simin and the one who keeps avoiding the camera; Huanqing. :S

Lol. Classic expression.
Anyone wanna fine her S$30 ? Lol....

Burping queen. ;)

Yupps, reserved seating for insane people like Burping Princess~

The shuttle bus upgraded la! lol.

Reminds me of some lame conversation we had...
"Wanted to chill at CB."
"We're going to MB."
"I bought BH."
Alot more but dang! memory failing me right now.

The emo-kid~

Place was in a weird weather.
Frigging hot but still; it drizzled a little and then superrrrr hot again before it starts raining... =.=

There were a lot of people!!!! Damn noisy. Zzz

Not posing~

Public Holidays~~~~ =.=

Finding a nice quiet spot~

Long walk from the lift~

The only one who insist she'll only sit on concrete ground and not on the grass OR the mat. Zzz Lol.

Burping princess~~~

Pictures of her eating. Lol.
She's the only one among us that was eating continuously, and the one who ate the most. Lol.

Pretty sky~

O.M.G~ Christina's crap CRAB sandwich is jjang jjang jjang!!!! ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! Freaking good like seriously!

Pretty cloud~~~

Simin: "A goldfish swimming in the sky..."


Spot the similarity~ :D
*cough*Skin tone~*cough*

Her Hello Kitty Hawaii umbrella is pretty...

Just posing~

Other two camera shy~

Sun being covered. kekeke.


I LOVE THIS SARCASTIC PERSON...................!!!

Starting to really like taking such pictures. :S


Moving off~~~

Christina: "She's like cam-whoring over my shoulder la~"


Forever covering her face. -.-

And running away from my shots. LOL...

Sexy back~

The one and only group photo. :'(

Had an awesome time together with these girls. :D Enjoyed every second of it. Haha! The chats, the crapping, the laughing and the sarcasm. hohoho! There's so much to talk about even though it's been a long whileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee since we last met/talked. :D
We shall really meet up for another round of fun together. :)

Spot me! ;)

Till here~~~

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