Thursday, August 27, 2009


Reason why I wanna have a haircut now.
MY HAIR IS DAMN LONG LA. -.- Anyway,...

(With no apparent reason, just happy..)
&Because of that, I'm going to upload SOME wayyyy overdue pictures.


Sheryl randomly took pictures of us~~ While we wait for notes to be printed. =.=

Taking note of special dates~

Sexy Fred. *puking*


Lunch @ AMK's Pizza Hut... Pictures by me, Camera's Gary's iPhone~

Fredrick definitely hates dining over there~ Lol.

Gary & Josher...


Chengcheng and Me~~

Hadi. xD

Siyi ahhh~~ Lol.

Favourite picture for the day. ;)


Instead of studying, I was practising my signature. xD LOL!

Else just doodling~~

Or reading. -.- LOL.

Hair all clipped back. ;)


It's the same pen lo. :( Exams are such a waste of time and resources. LOL!


Okay okay, back to blog entry~

Happy mood aside, today's paper was yet another "killer". :( When I flipped through the paper during the first ten minutes, I felt like cursing and yelling at our lecturer. Thanks huh, LSK. Out of the 10 tips given only 3 were REAL TIPS. The rest were pretty much bullshit.
So much for no commands will be out with a 8marks question solely on that dumb thing. =.= And for the "memorize Convergence" when NOTHING on it appeared on the paper. =.=|||

Blah blah blah.

Almost couldn't complete my paper because I was so god damn pissed with that stupid lecturer. Totally proves and supports why I hate that lecturer so much. Anyway, I hope no one was smart enough to memorise the whole book. LOL!

Please god, I don't wanna have him as a tutor or lecturer for the rest of my Poly life. He lost all my respect for him, please? (:

The only reason I can explain for the extremely good mood I'm having is the breakfast I had this morning. Mum cooked this macaroni pasta THAT TOTALLY ROCK MY SOCKS, SHIRTS, AND EVERYTHING!!!! Lol. It's so much better than anything she has cooked... Or at least not that I can remember currently. xD

aigooo~ It taste a lot more than the look of it. LOL! Sorry for the tad gross looking food. xD

Came back home and headed straight to my TV. Ahhhh~ I'm feel so extremely happy and blissful right now. HAHA!

Reminds me!! Lol.
Syuhada and I were so "lucky" today- we skipped two buses for some reason and end up getting on one that broke down 1/3 of the journey. -.- End up missing another bus before I finally board a bus home. LOL! And I forgot, I don't have to tap card. SO EMBARRASSING!!! xD

PS: Sheryl ah, I hope you're really fine. I'll pray hard for you to NOT have anymore annoying panic attacks okay? I LOVE YOU! :D

Okay, nagginess shall end right HERE.

Hate my left eye. =.=

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