Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Secret Diary...

When something bad starts to happen, every bad things start invading my serenity...
I labeled DBMS paper the "killer" paper. "Killer" paper greeted us and gave us all a lousy kick start to the Exams. how great? Got moodless for a teeny weeny while.

Aftermath, it was an emotional roller coaster that kept me up last night... I can't help but hate the ever changing situations, environment, people and everything that I have to constantly keep up with, constantly adapt to...
Aish. I shouldn't have typed that.

Anyhow, last night is over.
Today's yet another day I have to continue breathing.
Upset for an emotional night and *BAMP* I'm alright already.

But having such a preoccupied upset mind, I can't study at all...
For the whole afternoon, I've just stoned staring at my notes. =.= Frustrating.
Please please let me get something done by today? :'(

Till here.

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