Monday, August 31, 2009

Chewing On Gum~

Year2 is seriously no joke!
Exams are far from being just tough and difficult... I've never been really bothered by my results neither do I put in much effort to study (You'll know that if you know me well): but this semester really . . . . . . Cannot don't bother ah! :@

60% weight-age for most modules is really $&@€£¥•*^% *insert swearing word*.
If we don't do well for exams, it'll be equivalent to dying. And, NO! I don't wanna waste my precious time and retain for ANY modules..

Blogged this to rant and self-motivate. Lol~ though it seems a tad late luh...

On a random note; I tweet 3 TWEETS when I was on the way home! LOL. Bored lah~ LOL. And once again, GARY-SSHI GOMAWO!


0802-ians, HWAITING!!!!

*pray with me too... ;)

Just remembered, was texting Yanling and I came up with a crazy list of To-Dos after exams... LOL!
  • Talking until my mouth rot,
  • Sleep until I'm scared to even close my eyes,
  • Use laptop until I get electrocuted,
  • Spend until there's a HUGE hole in my wallet,
  • Shop until my legs break...
Started from "I wanna drink Ice-Blended Mocha until I'm sick of it..." LOL!

Though I know there's not much hope BECAUSE OF MY SISTER WHO NEEDS TO STUDY. =.=||| I really hope we can fly fly FLY to somewhere else this year if not, it'll be two years later. :'(

Two years is a pretty long wait.. :S

Till here.

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