Friday, July 24, 2009

XX says I'm Cute!

Feeling ultra restless! :S And because I'm so very very restless, here's something absolutely random!

xiaoXUAN says:

She was referring to me. LOL!
Omo~~ So shy.. HAHAHA!! I'm being so really very lame with Xiaoxuan right now. LOL. Don't know how she tolerate all my blabbering... Good thing we're chatting on msn else, I think she'll just give me an instant death on the very spot we're talking about because she'll be so angry and so yadah yadah. I've just blabbered a whole lot of rubbish again and that means I've typed a whole lot of nonsense which also means I've wasted a little bit of your time reading them all.
Only if you did read them all; you've wasted that little bit of time else, you haven't lost anything. But I reckon it because you're reading up till here so far. LOL! Unless you're just scanning this really unworthy entry which is still wasting your time!

HAHAH. Exceptionally happy today.
I wanna sing a happy song! Replay replay replay! :D

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