Thursday, July 23, 2009

Throw Throw Throw~

Today's been colourful~ :D Blue in the early morning, very black around 10, grey around 11 and orange, pink, (insert all other pretty colours) from the afternoon onwards! Lol. Couldn't control my boiling blood. Geez~ But good thing I'm short tempered. ^^

Ohoh! I got my first official warning letter today~ HAHA! For eating in a discussion room... ;x That's when filling the stomach and getting a discussion done asap is deem to be equally important. Hohoho. :D So glad that our project discussion is finally done! Now, it's the work that needs to be done...
(I wasn't pissed with that warning letter; It's our fault ya? :])

So anyway, a week more to all our projects' deadline. I'm so looking forward to after submitting all of them~~ :D We'll all be so relieved and hopefully geared up for exams!! Bought a pink keyboard protector with Siyi, Yingling and Limguan. HAHAHA!

Okay, time to get some work done... ^^


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