Sunday, June 07, 2009

Releasing Lives~~

After the first time I started to slack during my weekends, I've been slacking throughout my weekends. -.- Lol.

Yesterday was a playful day. Woke up for brunch before I went for driving lesson, back home - I was exhausted due to the lack of sleep; but instead of napping, I played SIMS 3 from 3pm++ all the way to 12am. Kudos to me! :S Slept at 1plus going 2 because I was you-tubing. Zzz Really need some discipline here...

Today, woke up superrrrrrr early to prepare for a field trip with my father. ;)
We took part in this Buddhist 'Live Releasing' exercise. It was really interesting! Lol. And, it took the whole of my morning. After which, I came home rested and slept all through my afternoon. LOL! Thinking about it makes me feel all wasted because I've not been doing ANYTHING!! -.- The best thing; I've got 3 ICAs this coming week.

All the best to me...



Spot the extra~~ ;x
On our way to the ferry...

The scary looking boat. LOL!
It's pretty huge! And I got a little sea-sick. :S

Yupps, there were more elderly than teens. If I'm not wrong, there were less than a handful of kids and teens. :B

The only boring thing about this whole trip is the chantings. Maybe it was because of my lack of sleep, it was almost unbearable! The chanting was wayyyyyyyyyyyy too soothing to the ears. Lol. Just like a lullaby to me. ;x
& it was too fast for us to catch up. :s I almost dozed off. Almost.



LOOK AT THE TIME! That was before chanting. And, chanting lasted for nearly 45minutes. Zzz


Our lunch, pretty good. But I got tired of chewing. ;x

After the chantings - we were queuing to release fishes!!

There were at least 100people there~~

Waiting for our turns under the scorching hot weather!


Quick snap shot of my fishes~
Damn big! One of the fishes kept moving~~ But it didn't smell. :s

I was wondering if we were torturing them because they were caught, and then deprived of oxygen for at least 3 minutes before we gently release them to the sea. LOL. We did it twice some more! Lol.

Second time! Sun was too glaring~

Second round~~~

:D Dad releasing the fishes!
He got 5 in total when I only got 4! :B

(Starts talking about the clouds and the sky!)

It's some island - Joke of the morning;
I saw this island and tried to read the label of it. It was at the other end of the boat so I thought I saw "Kaya Island" and made a pretty loud exclamation.

"Kaya Island?! Got such thing?"

Attracted the uncle in front of me before my Dad looked at it and corrected me. LOL! It was "Kusu Island" -.- I have no idea how the hell I read it wrongly. But I'm sure I need a new pair of spectacles! Damn funny.

On the way backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~

LOL! See! The clouds are so defined!

Todays' trip made me yearn more for a cruise vacation! I know it's boring and has nothing for anyone to do other than eat, slack, sleep, play, roam around the small floating thingy and more eating and more sleeping. BUT! I really like the fact that we're close to nature in a relaxing way. Get to just relax and watch the scenaries around bypass~~
Okay, not important.

Favourite pictures up ahread!

Me and Dad!
Quality time; but he can't stop thanking me for accompanying him. =.=

HAHA! Love this picture to the max!!

Favourite among the favourites! ;)


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