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BI0802 First Excursion!

I am pretty exhausted and sleepy right now, but I've decided to finish what I've started and finish uploading all the images taken for the week. ;) See how nice I am to always update with pictures that'll feast your eye instead of giving them stress from reading all my rants. LOL!

Week has been bland. Nothing exciting happened so I don't wanna bore you readers any further. :D
ICAs are sort of eating me up from within; but I guess I deserve what I scored since I didn't exactly put in the effort to do well. :s


During this lecture, it got pretty boring so...

Stephanie and I started to play tic-tac-toe before we cam-whored. Lol.

Stephanie's lousy picture quality. LOL!

tsktsk. Who's so irritating to do cheats ah?! Lol.
I'm the one using black ink-ed pen. ;x

sms, sms sms.

Actually, I didn't exactly take a lot of pictures that day. It was Irritating Stephanie Internet Tan who hogged on my camera. LOL! Our little Miss Late. ;)

HAHA! I didn't touch her at all okay! ;)

Look what she's doing?! Lol. And, look at the right of the picture, you can see a little of me studying okay! Lol.

Acting like we're listening to the forever boring and complicating lecture. :S

Terrence held A LOT of concerts that day. LOL!
Distracting la!

Last picture taken before we had dinner, nightlesson-ed and home-d. :D

Actually, I don't really remember what really happened for the week, that's why this entry is lack of elaborateness. LOL! Anyhow, today's well wasted in school. ;x LOL! Lesson as per usual before we lunch-ed and attended some "event". It's really good to know that our school has won several awards for the competition. (:

That reminds me, there was this sneak preview of the possible future being showed. Felt that it was a tad exaggerating and a bit too far fetch in terms of achieving them now in the near future. Lol. But technology does makes a whole lot of difference to everyone's life. Zzz We're pretty dependent on them uh. :s


BI0802's first excursion to Jurong Bird Park!




Nah, we went to some event to support our schools' team that took part in the competition.

(Because I'm really lazy and sleepy right now, captions are made for some collages one shot. Lol. Hope you get what I mean uh!)

1) Stephanie covering her mouth because she has this really scary skin-peeling thingy happening on her mouth. :s It really does look scary okay!
2) Stephanie trying to show a sad face because her mouth was giving her hell and me pointing at her lips feeling sad and disgusted too. Haha.

**For the whole day, I almost couldn't stop commenting on how Eeeeeeeee it looks.

3) Stephanie finally showing her smile because it seems that this camera mode of mine has made it non-obvious that her lips were ugly. Lol.

Some pictures taken during the longgggg bumpy bus journey...
Girls will always be girls...

Emily and Sheryl.

Gary and I trying to get into the picture of Limguan and Stephanie.

(I'm currently closing my eyes to type so pardon me for any silly typo. Hehe.)

And, I was caught red-handed for trying to pose for more than one camera. HAH!
I was trying to get into the picture of another picture uh. Lol.

Now, a special section in this entry...
First, the peak of the term "ugliness" has been revealed today!




Do not view them if you have a faint heart because some are really ULTRA ugly. Haha.




1) Trying his very best to cover the very big head of his. Lol.
There seems to be no difference and instead, it looks bigger! Lol.
2) Gary trying hard to be good-looking. LOL! Apparently, it looks more of the opposition. ;s

1) Gary's pre-"Eh! Don't take picture of my handsome face" pose!
2)Gary's "Huh?" Lol.

3) The main culprit to all these un-glam pictures of Gary's revealed. Lol. Didn't wanna upload an individual picture of it because it's seriously ugly! Lol. LIKE SERIOUSLY! Lol.

The VERY ugly versus the ugly enough. Lol. I meant the person in the middle. Lol.

**Gary, your head look ULTRA big in here LIKE SERIOUSLY! Lol.
But anyhow, would like to make a claim that the special section is just a joke uh. ;) THAT'S FOR GIVING UGLY FACES WHEN TAKING PICTURES WITH US! Haha.

Next section: A hardcore rejection to phototaking!

Presenting Hadi! Lol.

He's seriously like second "Weishan" Lol. Always trying to avoid being snapped. :s
When there's Stephanie, it's difficult to have peace. HAHAHA!

"Die die also wanna take picture with him."


Some of them dozing off~~ Spot Sheryls' classic expression! Lol.

Stunned look of Sheryl's. Wait, no. That's her stoning + stunned expression. Lol.

Saranghae~~ LOL!

Can't believe I actually did that. LOL! Super ugly, I know. Lol.

NICE SHOT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT??? Lol. Just something random.

Alighted and took the lift up together.

While taking some pictures on the way. Haha.

!!! :D I like this but I'll love it if it was clearer. :S

Registration and waiting for time to pass.

I like this picture, I have no idea why. Lol.


Now you see Gary,

And now you don't!

The event.

Spot the difference! Lol. Pay attention to the background. ;)

More pictures taken before we decided to take with all the girls in the class. ;)

I just realise the size of our class is pretty small. Haha.
What you are seeing now is ALL the girls in my class. ;)

After the event, waiting for lifts. We were each standing at the lifts' door because two groups of people literally just went in (cut in to our 'queue') even when we've been standing there for a long time. Zzz

Those who walked all the way to Raffles' City for dinner... But not everyone ate.



Random #2...

I like the background! Lol. And it totally proves the fact that Stephanie loves me truck lots, like seriously! Lol. She hugged me real tight like seriously!

Look at Gary's expression.

The background looks like it's being cropped in.

It was well-weathered.

Attempting to throwing him down...

No comments. Lol.

OMO! I look like I've got long hair! Lol. Really love the sky.

Nice background again right?? HAHAHA.

More from us! :D

(Please please please, click on them to see an enlarged version.)

Pay attention to the middle with Gary, Weiming and Josher. LOL!

Stephanie look really funny! Lol.

Everyone felt bloody bloated after dinner at Raffle Citys' New York New York. No wonder it was said to be the best outlet among all; great servings and surprisingly, better taste of the food! :D

Anyhow, dinner was filled with laughter! Even before dinner, while queuing for our turn to be seated which took like ages!, we had a great time laughing~~ Lol.
Thanks Sheryl to all those funny things she said especially the potential 7Ps of Daohongs'. LOL!

Was driven home by Daohong.
But because kind Daohong sent Sheryl, Weiming, Gary and Darius home too, it took me about an hour and a half to reach home. :D It was still nice and fun though. Haha! Had to squeeze for almost half an hour before Sheryl alighted first and boy, MY RIGHT LEG TOTALLY WENT NUMB LIKE SERIOUSLY! Lol.

After which, reached home and switched on my laptop. Initially plan was to edit pictures and all BUT IN THE END, I started off youtub-ing. Totally didn't regret it, LIKE SERIOUSLY, because I watched some really really really really really really really great performance and a really touching scene. HAHA!
I'm not going to share because I doubt anyone of you will be even the least bit interested in it, LIKE SERIOUSLY. Lol.

To view the whole album of the pictures we have taken today (There are like hundreds!); please click HERE!. (:

WOW! Time check: 4.15am. Kudos to me~~~
Really need some serious sleep like seriously! LOL.

PS: Please let me know of any typo errors I've made or grammar mistakes or things that don't make sense. :D

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