Thursday, May 21, 2009

Studying is Not My Forte

Okay, for the past few hours, I've been trying to get some facts into my head and read through the annoying BComm book. BUT! I just can't stop doing something else, everything else except reading the god damn book. Zzz

Anyhow, today's been sinful. Lol. Lunch-ed at Manhattan Fish Market, SKIPPED lecture and spent our time in the arcade. :D
School's really getting dreadful...

Got home, rested and was asked to help with some blogskin thingy. Used my own template to do the edits and... 'wow!' I feel tempted to do something different. But now, it's totally not the right thing to do so, I'm going to just change my background. Hehe.

Look what I've found when I entered 'cute wallpaper'

& THIS! I'm too lazy to upload the picture. ;x

Hope it's a nice slight change to my blogskin. Going light and a tad girly. LOL! At least, BUDEGETTANWEISHAN likes it! hehehe.
Weishan(: says:

Okay, I ought to get some ass-facts into my head now. :@

Till the next time I blog with HELL LOTS OF PICTURES, toodles!
(Miss me okay? HAHAHA!)

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