Friday, May 22, 2009


&&&& I'M GOING SHOPPING TOMORROW!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~ :)

Test today was manageable. Hopefully 'manageable' this time also means scoring well. Lol. POFM is as tough as the first time I've started on it. :(:( I still can't really figure out the right numbers to fit in to the correct descriptions. :(:(:(:( The best thing to this - I've got a POFM ICA next week!!! :(:(:(:(:(:
Worse still, I'm having my Final Theory Test on the exact same day! :(:( How great is that? Lol.

Alright, enough complaining~ :D
Was brief-ed on track selection during lecture today. Haven't been giving much thought to it but I guess I'm really stuck in between - to choose IT or Business?? :S Just hope an answer will just drop down from somewhere. Lol.


"Wii" during break! :D Gary's.

Taking turns...

Sorry for the blurr images, Garys' camera phone kindda...


Sometimes, being too close to them gets a tad dangerous - because they swing the controller a tad too... hard. Lol.

Getting bored. (:

Weiwei came in to distrub! Lol. See him in the left hand corner? :)



Lol. Some kuku picture Stephanie took because Gary did something silly. Lol.
Look at his landyard.

Yingling! :D


The sinful yesterday. :)

Waiting for lunch with hungry stomachs...

*Munch munch* :D

Daohong and the always acting cute Stephanie. Lol.

Found a great way to have Gary's head reduced! Lol.



&When I was caught...

LOL! Scary but still, FUNNY! Lol.

Slowest among us all. ;x

The stare. Lol.


As mentioned, we went over to arcade to spend the rest of our time slacking . ;x Before that, Stephanie Gary and I were a tad slow ; we went over to look at some bags and headed to Best to look at some stuffs. :)

LOL! Us playing some games on iTouch.
Arg! If only I have a lot of spare cash- I'll sell my mp3, get the P3 Samsung mp3 and maybe spend recklessly on the iTouch. LOL.

Okay, arcade. :D
Gary's really good at this table hockey.

Won me, Ryan then Stephanie.

All smiles, like kids. :D

HAHA! Spend the remaining time watching the guys play. -.- Lol. BUT! Fredrick was really nice. Lol. He gave me token and let me play 'Tekken6'. Not forgetting giving Weiming another token to play with me. LOL!
Aww~ I miss my Play Station2. :S

Rush back to BEnvironment class...

When class gets a tad too dry.
&& I think only Weishan, Gary and Stephanie might know what it means. Hehehehehe.


Supposedly told Limguan I'll take pictures with her so that she can blog like... on Tuesday? Lol. But instead, we forgot about it. So today, made up to her. Hehehe.

Not ready lehhhh.. There was another picture but she didn't send me. :( Lol.

Yingling joins in. :D

But actually, I was the one who was the extra. Lol.

Lol. Classic expression of Limguan.

Getting Siyi to join us. ;)


Candid Siyi! :D


About to disturb Siyi... Lol.


Yingling happily clicking pictures of me disturbing Siyi. Haha.

Happy girls. LOL!

Next victim; Limguan!

After the dreadful and long hours in class, we headed to North canteen for lunch. After lunch, Terrence did something really silly and had some fruit juice foam on his head. LOL!
We all laughed really hard !

Stephanie was the extreme please~

She laughed till she cried. LOL.
It's been a while since I saw her laughing so hard already.

PS: My dear Internet Tan, please take good care of all the stuffs that's been going on- BUT! Don't forget to take good good good good good good good care of yourself too. :D MANAGE your time and studies ah! Hopefully, they won't split us up. LOL. I'll miss you~~ Awwwwwww. :( Lol.

Alrighty, I ought to get some studying time for my Final Theory Test. :S Wish me luck luck luck ah! :D

Ending off with a cute picture of Siyi. LOL!


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