Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

"I cannot control how I am perceived but, I can control how I am presented."
(Heard from some TV reality show)

Was having a thought in mind; many of us always get worked up when we're being judged by people who barely know us. But I guess, it's how we present ourselves. Though, never judge by a book by its' cover, first impressions are still very important. :/

I have no idea why I've typed that whole lot of random stuffs above. :S
Alright, a really random title.

Had a pretty bad week. :s
Started off being late for my DBMS lecture on Monday, Gary was late because of me too. :( It was also the start of what most girls dread for the month. :S After all that, I had a really strong feeling that I'll fail my FTT and screw my POFM ICA1.
I was telling almost everyone that intuition. x.x

During the two hours break, we chilled and joked in the librarys' cafe.

Sheryl and Ryan.
Trying to guess some riddles...

Emily and Weiming.

Hadi trying to avoid being snapped by me. ;)


Had a really nice and comfortable chat with both Sheryl and Emily. (: Hopefully, I'll get to interact more with the rest of the classmates like... more often. :D

Next lesson was another waste of time. :S
Did tutorial so didn't exactly paid attention. :x (The answers are ALL in the lecture notes and our tutor just literally read them off the screen and maybe with explanations here and there.) Saw Stephanie playing with Garys' wallet and got an idea to cover Garys' faces printed on his identity cards. ;)

The cards look so much better without the bighead's face right? Lol.
&&& I doubt he even realise it till maybe... now? Lol.

Okay, back to my intuition about failing and screwing my ICA1.

They really did happen. Failed my FTT and screwed my POFM ICA1 on Tuesday. -.-
I hope I'm wrong about screwing my POFM ICA1 and get pretty grades instead. Lol. It always works the opposite... :/
Was pretty affected when I saw the big fat 'Failed' on the screen. And, so many people didn't believe it. Lol. Stephanie even wanted to tell me to stop being dramatic. But wait, there are just some things we can't control, ya? :) And no, I didn't cry out loud for failing. Maybe just a tear or two because I was pissed and disappointed with myself. ;)

So, the head start of my week wasn't exactly good. But, I sure enjoyed Wednesday. ;) I realise I really look forward to Wednesdays. Lol. One, because DBMS tutorial is pretty enriching and two, I like doing E-Commerce Practical.

I think I really enjoy schooling when it's productive and when I actually learn something. :D

A random shot of Stephanie's chicken rice because I think the colours are nice. ;x

I was disturbing Stephanie almost the whole of yesterday. Lol. Can't remember everything I did but I will never forget one in which was freaking funny! Lol.

So, Stephanie was queue-ing for her lunch. Went to look for her and decided to prank her. Lol. Tapped on her right shoulder when I was at her left.
Stephanie turned to her right and stared at this guy who was GOD DAMN CLOSE TO HER!!! Lol. But good thing she heard me giggling beside her or else, I guess she'll just yell at that sick guy. Lol.

Her expression was... CLASSIC!! Lol. Should have had it filmed down. :S Lol.

The next thing I did was putting my hot wallet (it got in contact with the hot hot waffles I bought) on Stephanie's arm when she was talking to Terrence. Okay luh, I admit I was a little little mean. But I didn't expect her reaction to be so... funny. Lol. She literally screamed like after a few seconds. Lol. Maybe that was when the heat kicked in. Hahah.

Practical was alright yesterday. Pretty challenging. ;)
Stephanie gave up and left early. While I waited for the guys to be done, took some random pictures with Rachel and Syuhada before they left. ;)


But actually, my main objective was to...



was well-weathered. It was really sunny and maybe extremely hot! But, I was at home. ;x I gave school a miss and you shouldn't ask me why. LOL. Let's just say, I didn't feel well enough of school. Haha.
BUT! I didn't just laze around at home or watch TV k! Lol. I spent my day doing tutorials and reading through those lectures I've missed out. ;)

Next week will be start of our path/track selection for the next semester onwards. I guess, I have in mind which I wanna choose. I'll just stick to it because I think it makes the most sense. :D And hopefully, I'll get what I want. :D

Oh ya, I just remembered I have this really disgusting picture. Makes me wanna puke every time I look at it.

DISGUSTING RIGHT?! Lol. Can't believe Gary actually can think of such stuffs. Zzzz

Alrighty! Friday was like a roller coaster; I got a lot of feelings and emotions today. Lol.

Woke up with a really good mood. Hahaha.
Wasn't late for class but because the other half of the class wasn't in class, we were scolded for not being interested. =.= I think our tutor was having PMS or something because she flared twice today. :/
AND THEN, Terrence asked why I brought my E-Commerce textbook. x.x Apparently, I forgot there wasn't E-Commerce lecture today. :S

So instead of ending school at 4pm, school ended at 1pm. (: Initial plan was to meet my mother after school but since school ended early and I didn't wanna go home, I decided to join Sheryl, Rachel and Emily to some place for good lunch and some good moments to chill and slack. :D

Train-ed and walked ALL the way to Liang Court from Raffles Place.

Dined at this really good place. Hahaha.

All thanks to this Boss here. ;x Lol.

Food was really affordable and really worthy because they were good!

Trying the fantastic Seafood Chowder"

Little Miss I-don't-dare-to-share-food. HAHAH!

She was also the main culprit to correct Rachel all the time! Lol.

Having a great lunch after starving real bad! lol.

Talk a lot for the near two hours we were there. Lol. But Emily spent most of the time stoning instead. LOL! Then it was time to take pictures!! :D

Rachel, Emily.

Sheryl and I.

Me and Emily.

Rachel, Sheryl.

Sheryl, Emily.

Taking the wine off the shelf. Lol.

Copying us. Lol.

My hair is like really long now. -.-

Last picture before we bill out.

Headed to supermarket to buy sweets! Hahaha.

Settled down at some place where Emily bought some puffs. Chatted hell lots of stuffs. While chatting, Sheryl couldn't stop emphasizing on how we really should get the puff because it was freaking good. Lol. Then, Emily had to leave for her ballet classes. :(

Pictures taken outside. :D

Sheryl couldn't get over her obsession of her own photography skills. Lol.
Every time she finish taking picture, she'll go "Oh my god! I love my photography skill" Or something like that. Lol.

Totally loving powershot siol! Arg!

Aftermath, headed down to meet my mother at Bugis! :D
Did some reckless shopping - meaning; I bought stuffs without exactly thinking. LOL. Bought a pair of flats, A NEW WALLET WHICH WAS ON SALE! and my mother bought me this Everlast bag. Lol.
She kept complaining about how she dislike the previous one I had. And the moment I transferred stuffs from the old bag to the new one, she threw my old one down the bin. :(

Kindda like my new wallet from Pierre Cardin at $39 when it's usual price was $89! ;) And my flat was like really for nothing? Lol. Though I don't really like it I just bought it. Zzz Lol.

Good thing my wallet and bag is spoilt. lol. So not exactly reckless. ;x LOL!

After which, I really needed a seat. So, we headed down to Crystal Jades to wait for my father.



emily -昱颖- says :
**omg! you look super like your mum!
**especially the smile :P


Random shot. ;)

&&& That's my week! :D
And, I need a hair cut! Zzz

Am watching Ghost Whisperers' now and that explains my random entry title.

OMO! Driving tomorrow at 8am. x.x So regret agreeing to that stupid timing.

PS: I think I've found the drive to study again!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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