Monday, March 23, 2009

My Dad has an Extra Son?!

Today, parents came back from work as usual. Unexpectedly, Mum called up to me before Dad announced that he has an additional son. Initially thought they were referring to me because my mother describes me doing household chores like a guy. Lol.

But, later it was revealed that it's actually a retarded and blurr friend of mine that called my Dad "Papa" by mistake. (Somemore, he greeted my Mum "Auntie" first.) LOL! Heard that the silly person even repeated himself when my Dad went "Huh?"
Couldn't stop laughing when Mum was telling me the whole thing and when Dad repeated again. LOL! Especially at the thought of the whole situation, and how my friend would look with his later reaction "Shit!" when he realise he called my Dad wrongly. LOL!

"Uncle" and "Papa" is like... so far away.. How did you call wrong?! Lol.

Guess who's this silly friend of mine... ;)

(To be updated again, come back if you're interested. LOL!)

"Okay, awkward moments. I walked towards them, normal reaction would be call them first. So i called Auntie while Jas' Dad still attending to the shopkeeper. So as he turn, i was thinking like, "Jasmine's papa, Jasmine's papa, Jasmine's...." *uncle turns* And i said, "Papa". LOL! I was all messed up while i kept reminding myself that that's Jasmine's Dad and i want to call Uncle! Lol, and a moment of silence, couple looking and me blurred. Haha! Okay dumb."

Adapted from Gary's blog.
Need I say more who's the silly guy?! LOL!
I got a new brother y0! Lol.

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