Monday, January 26, 2015

Healing In KL

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It's Monday, a work day, but I'm in a comfortable car riding back to Singapore after a long weekend int KL. ;)

Typing the vacation's entry on this ride because I'm forcing myself to stay awake. Reporting back to work tomorrow and I cannot afford to have insomnia tonight. x,x

Surprisingly, I'm not dreading work tomorrow. Going back to reality isn't as dreadful as it used to. For now. Maybe reality haven't hit me yet. Lol.

The major reason why I'm not dreading work, is the takeaway I got from this trip......

I managed to heal from this short vacation. (Also sorted out some thoughts and feelings.)

'Healing' sound as though I was wounded before my trip. But no, it's just a term to say I'm well rested....... Then again, work has worn me out. So yes, I was quite wounded. Lol.

KL is definitely not a new place for the family, considering how we'll travel down every once in a while for some shopping and cheap good food. Also because we frequent the same few malls, there isn't much exploring to do anymore.

This trip, was truly relaxing.

Spent the days in a snail's pace. Chilling, eating, walking, eating, shopping and more eating! Lol. We did, however, manage to do adequate shopping!!!
(Super happy I got myself 10 new tops for Chinese New Year hehehehehehe)

▼ ▽ ▼

♒ Day 1: Arrival & Chinatown ♒

Woke up extremely early to prepare for the coach ride down to KL.

(Actually, I barely slept trying to download and sync all the 'Running Man' episodes to our iPad. Sis and I always use vacations to catchup with our 'Running Man' backlogs lol. We did finish only 2 episodes though.)

 photo P1360537_zpsagoaed5c.jpg
The apartment we stayed at!
I'm liking this one a lot more than Somerset (Read here)

The coach took off at 9am, and we safely arrived at our apartment few minutes past 3. The ride was.............. lame. LOL. Instead of watching 'Running Man' as planned, we just slept. All the waaaaaay! Even skipped the meal onboard despite waking up to the smell. Our apartment wasn't ready then, so we had lunch at their restaurant.

 photo P1360538_zpsicox3piw.jpg
The reception area

 photo P1360544_zps073jhhm8.jpg
:) My love-hate traveling companion

 photo P1360548_zps0o2gqkin.jpg
The hotel's dining area where we have breakfast.

Food was okay...... Nothing fantastic, but good enough.

 photo P1360551_zpsstdmzdjo.jpg

Our apartment was good! There were a few debates on our preferences between Ascott and Somerset, but I still prefer Ascott for their design and no foul smelling bathroom. Lol. Would say Ascott has the apartment designed more to my style. :D

 photo P1360559_zps1jdskktk.jpg
Master bedroom where the lovebirds slept in.

 photo P1360560_zpspp6nfxbq.jpg
Their bathroom!

 photo P1360562_zpsadfgwjgu.jpg
The living room! Huge!

 photo P1360564_zpslkjj90tf.jpg
View from the other side.

 photo P1360563_zpsk0ia5iqj.jpg
Our bedroom shared with our second mother.

 photo P1360568_zpsu1io9c1b.jpg
Relaxing in the room after settling down. I have probably hung up all my clothes in the wardrobe. :D

 photo P1360565_zpstodpsczl.jpg
The kitchen. Simple.

 photo P1360567_zpsphwizywt.jpg
Our bathroom where we found.......................

 photo P1360584_zpswr23otju.jpg
Soaps and shampoos from a reputational brand! So tiny and cute, perfect for traveling!
My sister took everyone of them and kept it for future use. :D

 photo P1360569_zpsubvioara.jpg
The Sky Lounge

 photo P1360587_zpsz9dpf3rr.jpg

I love the pool area too! Looks a lot more relaxing than Somerset's infinity. (I'm hardly hyped about infinity pools to begin with) But I didn't get to swim this time. :(

 photo P1360597_zpseo99po4b.jpg
Girl problems.
So inconvenient and unlucky when we get a clash of period and vacation. Major bummer.

 photo P1360593_zpsew2tttds.jpg
I did enjoy just relaxing though. It rained 20 minutes later or so.

 photo P1360602_zpsnmbrtqke.jpg
Random shot of the place opposite the pool.
We have no idea what place that is, but look at it! Seems like every individual apartment has a private pool!!!!!

After relaxing at their Sky Lounge, we headed back to the room to rest. For two hours(?). Headed out again at 8pm to check out their Chinatown.

 photo P1360604_zpsmd6qbr0r.jpg

Second time here, and a better experience. It poured the last time we visited. Chinatown doesn't have much though. Lol. We had dinner, the aunties bought local stuff and we headed back to our apartment.

Didn't do much there after, but slept late because I didn't wanna waste the vacation. The one thing I always do during a vacation is.... sleep less. I'll make myself stay up late by watching shows or browsing the net, and then wake up early. It's like maximizing my vacation. Surprisingly, I never feel exhausted during the day despite the lack of sleep. Unlike when I'm just passing the normal days. Lol.

♒ Day 2: Mid Valley shopping ♒

 photo P1360610_zpslr7vsuay.jpg
Can never go wrong with these.

 photo P1360611_zpsuuxyhpno.jpg

 photo P1360612_zpsxq2xp7ph.jpg
Mother and second mother who's looking all cute here. lol.

 photo 20150124_122429_zpswvqtcueb.jpg

It was a mindless day. Stayed in Mid Valley till late because the mall is freaking huge and there were plenty to see! We did major shopping in just Ms Read though. Love their clothes!

 photo P1360618_zpsmeneuf1h.jpg  photo P1360619_zpsgmvanyte.jpg  photo P1360620_zpsydxq3mfb.jpg  photo P1360621_zpsubce5ddo.jpg

 photo P1360625_zpsuplhd8s3.jpg
One of the places we like in Mid Valley!

 photo P1360628_zpsl9yw7ffd.jpg
Snacks inbetween shopping for more shopping!!!

But nah, my sis and I rounded up our shopping at 4pm and spent 3hours singing Karaoke before having dinner with some relatives. Lol.

 photo 20150124_163107_zpsbewylpvo.jpg
It is affordable and pretty cheap in KL! \
I cannot remember how much exactly, but it was around $20 for 5 hours with buffet.
We obviously missed out the food because we had dinner planned (&snacks before).

 photo P1360629_zpsalevv1hk.jpg

 photo P1360632_zpsvdpqc1qh.jpg
Pity we couldn't finish our 5 hours.

Met up with relatives and had a really nice dinner. For a table of 11 people, the total bill was only about SGD300! :O It was a Chinese Restaurant some what like... Crystal Jade? And the food were good! Delicious!

It was also during dinner that we got a pleasant news. My mother won lottery!!!! And it was almost ten thousand. So lucky! Extra money. Hahaha. Sister and I both got sponsored something. HEHEHE.

 photo P1360635_zpsldfwddf9.jpg
Our shopping in just one day!

 photo P1360636_zps13gqx1xq.jpg
:D And that's pretty much all the shopping we did. Lol.

♒ Day 3: Mall Hopping & Manicure ♒

Third day's even more mindless. We just walked around. Mall hopped and explored places we've never been too. Not that much exploring though. We just walked around and found a nice place to do our nails (I watched 'Insurgent'! So interesting!) and had lunch. The day ended in Pavilion.

 photo P1360651_zpsvhi8dnoj.jpg

 photo P1360656_zps9sricput.jpg
Cannot believe it's the year of Goat already. :O

 photo P1360657_zpskqdrip68.jpg
Managed to have this before we leave KL.

 photo P1360659_zpsuiqs4lns.jpg
Still not a fan of these balls though.

 photo P1360660_zpsxx6krf5b.jpg
All my clothes gotten from this trip. :D
Chinese New Year clothes: ✔Checked!

 photo IMG-20150123-WA0012_zpsrg6rf5pd.jpg
Okay, done now, lazy now.

Work tomorrow, lets go this!!!! ☠ ☮

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