Saturday, January 31, 2015

January's Snapshots!

 photo IMG-20150125-WA0018_zpsjcyxrvj1.jpg
Back for more monthly snapshots aka Sugar spam post. :D

 photo IMG-20150125-WA0017_zpsvvro2zre.jpg
Sugar at the boarding house near our place while we were at KL.

 photo IMG-20150121-WA0009_zpstywv0pcv.jpg
Sugar munching on her favourite Tiong Bahru croissant.
Amazing how she's able to identify them!

 photo IMG-20150125-WA0015_zps8bbmxjfm.jpg
Our cute cute.

 photo IMG-20150130-WA0014_zpscrz39kkz.jpg
Went Prata Wala one fine day !!!
Love their Tandoori set. :D

 photo IMG-20150130-WA0013_zpsu1hwoylz.jpg
Taste a lot better when it's shared. :)
Here we have, my lunch kakis from work!

 photo 20150130_123929_zpstki1h96m.jpg
Took this shot of us pouting to send to one of our colleagues.
We were complaining how the guys were bullying us; They took the first cab and left us waiting behind, and got us to queue and order the food while they.................

 photo 20150130_123900_zpszigp62bu.jpg
Enjoy their mobile time! Lol.

We weren't the only paparazzi though!

 photo IMG-20150130-WA0012_zpss0vaefzn.jpg

 photo 20150130_124041_zpsauyfi437.jpg
The shot we were taking.

It's fun sometimes at work.

 photo IMG-20150128-WA0010_zpsk9tpe8lt.jpg
Another meal time. This was taken in Seletar Mall's Swenses

 photo Fotor_142226647524112_zpsme0bl1wj.jpg  photo Fotor_142226648793734_zpsjxbcwtvs.jpg

 photo IMG-20150130-WA0001_zpsqbk9dzhu.jpg  photo IMG-20150130-WA0017_zpsbpvdfeha.jpg

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