Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shop shop shop!

OG was having this private preview for their members today, and boy - there were AT LEAST! a thousand, definitely more, shoppers in the 5 storey mall. Mostly, they were aunties and some, with their partners&family- trying their best to grab the best deal out of this "private" event. Didn't know OG has so many members. Lol.

I was there with mum today. Woke up early, had breakfast and headed off to Orchards' OG. Started off with a longggggggg queue outside the entrance. -.- (like as if it was some hot spot/pub where clients has to be checked before entering.) The moment I step into the mall, I totally regret to have agreed shopping in OG today. I even told my mum, after the first twenty minutes, that we have to at least get 10 items before leaving or else, I'll go crazy and slap her~ LOL!

The crowd was omg! you might even suffocate and faint there man! (Or maybe, I'm just too short. xD Lol) I was often bumped into and almost lost my balance once - because there was this aunty who decided she could move faster by rushing into people. Really! -.- Lol.

But I guess, it may not be as bad as the insane crowd in IT fairs because there were crowd control at the entrance, but! it's definitely close.

Queuing and squeezing through our way was the only thing we did for the entire morning. Lol. Good thing we bought more than just 10 items; we spent a total of $300++ please! Oh ya! We took an hour to do payment~~ No wait, definitely longer than that. Like... =.= Queue was in snail's pace.

The only thing that turned me off other than the overwhelming crowd, was listening to a few aunties complaining and complaining about the crowd and some random passerby. -.- Can't understand why some women enjoy complaining and gossiping so much! They should have expected the crazy crowd &chaos - like seriously, who would resist to such attractive sale?! What more, they voluntarily wanted to be involved in this. Lol.

Stuffs were really cheap! :D Wait, hopefully I don't sound aunty right here. LOL! Just human nature luh. ;) Bought two shirts as gifts (Though on sale, it was still pretty price-y k! xD but okay luh, brand...)
and a PERFUME! Best deal for the day!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D U.P was hundred odd but I got it at more than half the price. ;)

Ohohoh! Talking about price and stuffs I've bought, I SAW THIS REALLY PRETTY BRAUN BUFFEL WALLET THAT WAS ALSO GOING AT MORE THAN HALF THE PRICE! But I didn't buy. =.= Because... I was already reaching the end of the payment queue when I saw it - the customer behind us bought it. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Afterward, had a longggggg lunch at Center Point before we cabbed down to Vivo to meet with Dad and Sis. Supposedly wanted to watch movie but there wasn't anything nice for the family. Dropped the idea and randomly shopped. Bought 2 Polo and 2 Tees! :D
Went to look at some puppy too.
[[edited]] OHOHOH! I just remembered. After getting my camera's spare batter (like finally!!), sis and I went back to Vivo and I saw Jolene! :D

Home-d, chore-d &dinner-ed.

Alright, enough about today. ;)

Finally got it yesterday. Pretty good to many but alright for me only. Kindda upset that my grades dropped quite a bit... But it's okay! :D Got over it and hopefully, I get to work doubly hard for the coming year. :D

Met up with Weishan Soohou and Lance for waffles yesterday at Gelare. ;) Arcade-d next before Gary joined us. Tried to persuade the guys to take neo-prints(really random) but got cruelly rejected by them. LOL!
Walked around and finally settled at Long John Silver for Gary's lunch.
Funnyyyyyyyyyyy evening. ;D Lance must have had hell lots of fun and time telling us about the times he bullied played with his "bestfriend".


Oh. Just realised it's a really long worthy entry today. :/ GUESS I AM HAPPY! Hahaha.

PS: I wonder who took over. :/

I spotted a moth on my ceiling when my sis was leaving the room. Called her back and we both stared at it for a few second before we called up to mum. Halfway through trying to get the moth out of the room with an umbrella, it kept flying around and i sort of freaked out screaming. LOL! Sis followed me scream, before my mother got influenced by us. DAMN FUNNY!! Lol. End up having two sisters hugging each other outside the room and a short mum reaching out to the moth getting it out; all slightly screaming. LOL! Damn cute. ;x

I just realise I'm always the one to spot these pest. ew!
&a thought strike; what will happen if my daughters in future were to freak out like us? I'm definitely not as brave as my mama. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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