Saturday, March 21, 2009

Soft and Smooth~

(Random title! Lol. I was randomly looking when I suddenly spot Cindy's shampoo on my table. ;x
Cindy!! When are you getting the shampoo from me me me?? :))

Ahhhh! After a few tries, I CAN FINALLY BLOGGGG! :)

Past few days have been plain slacking for me. ;x Lol! You can never get enough of that! But actually, holiday's getting a bit boring. No work, not much activities, it's just normal luh. ;)

Was blog hopping when I realise, a few of us actually brushed past a few hundred bucks! :( Lol! Wanted to get 4D on Tuesday with Gary, Soohou, Weishan and Lance. BUT! Because I didn't wanna buy it, we end up missing the chance to win a few hundred bucks! LOL~ Sad luh..
See what Gary said in his blog...

Today's been a good long day. :D Woke up early, had breakfast and headed off to grandma's place while Dad settled his work stuffs at some nearby job site. Went praying after he was done and had lunch, shopped a little at the nearby OG. :)
Came back, waited and started to help sister with BAKING! ;) Also with the help of Felicia, Jolyn(didn't do much actually) and Jason.

Damn~ Don't understand why I always sort of "fail" baking if I were to get it done all by myself. Lol~ Outcome of the brownies we did today - GOOD! ;)

Wonder what'll be up for me tomorrow......

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