Saturday, January 19, 2008


Last day of work, sadded. A little upset about leaving the company but... (= It's good to have a break before starting my next lap.

(= It's good to feel yourself with people.

Anyway, Yanling has finally experienced SPA - she had facial too! xD

Well, the first thing she said when she had her facial done was. . .
"Very shiok/shuang (good)!" (=

While waiting for my mother, met this little girl. She's sooooooooooooooooo cute! Had hyper times with her! How I hope to be a kid again. xD
Ran around and threw her up high. Aww~ How I wish I had more time with her. ^^
Mum told me to look for a job in some child care centre. hehe. I wish I have a job as relaxing and fun too. xD

It's really nice to meet new people.

After relaxing, departed from Aunty Teo, Xiaoxuan and Yanling ; waited for Dad and left for Dinner.
The 3/4 star hotel's restaurant has a great ambience! Really nice to go there with a. . . partner. xD Despite having a nice ambience, the food is rather disappointing. There were limited varieties and they tasted... average.

Well, I was told some nasty things people do. It's irritating that some don't bother to put in effort to protect something that doesn't belong to them. That comment... It was hurtful. When a comment hurts ; they do not sound as if they are jokes.

The best part of buffet ; THE PASTERIES! ^^

I've really enjoyed my time today until I got disturbed by some comments, reactions and statements. Well, all I have to say is ; Life's never 100% perfect.

What is it ; How would you feel -
When you put in effort to save something and someone tries to patronise with you before making nasty remarks behind your back?

It is really easy to point your fingers isn't it? Why do people not realise that they are actually doing the same?It really hurts to see it like this. And now, I find it pointless.
Tell me; what is the definition of "long"?

Jx: I know you seldom read but anyway - I think you're right. I shouldn't be affected by comments from people. Like I said - If they cared, they wouldn't have complained. But, why is it that the comments always mattered and hurts?

How i wish I can get back the energy I had few hours back.

I'll live better off without you.

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