Thursday, March 08, 2007

our GOAL is GOLD!

so bored. wanted to upload pictures but did it halfway and felt lazy. sighs. tomorrow having tuition agains. :]

she's freaking me out. what the hell was she talking about? was she even aware of what she was saying? dotts. why are things getting so complicated nowadays?!?

tomorrow's the last day of term one. GREAT! one week holiday with no full days off. WASTED~ sighs. too bad, we have to go through this. our Os and our SYF.
anyway, wish us luck! we are having our SYF on the second of April at 1430hrs. can't wait. but, i still can't master the whole score. sighs. i'm also allowed to stay to watch the others! yes! no lessons on that day too~ YES! what's more, i would be able to watch one of the JJARs perform!! can't believe it. anyway, heard some terrible news about her. gosh. i didn't believe she would do that, she's like attached already? hope my friend made a mistake. *praying*

i really really hope we would get what we have always practised for, GOLD!!

kindda freaked out by people around me these days. why are things getting the way they are now? sighs.
history is repeating itself and IHATEIT. why the hell did you tell me just like him? can't things just be the way it was? what benefits do you have from telling me that? it's okay to feel that way buy WHY LET ME KNOW?!?what's more, it's like the past?
hais. i'm sorry for blowing at you. i really felt low.

hope things improve as time passes and better after the one week holiday. :]


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