Friday, March 09, 2007

last day of term one.

sighs. how careless can i be?

wanted to reach home early today for some rest and to prepare for the coming tuition, so didn't wait for NP friends (my malay WEISHAN and serene they all..). they were really nice to wait for us yesterday but i sense other motives. XD
anyway, so as per usual, walked out of school (but, this time alone) and met some acquaintance in the bus stop. boarded the bus and alighted at my stop. walked home and then, i realise that i didn't bring my keys hoping my maid or sister to be at home.
what luck? sighs. when i arrived at my storey, i turned and saw my wooden door. so stupid! no one was home and it was like 1215hrs?!? i was like.. "what the hell?!?", first time wanting to reach home early but end up being locked outside the house because i forgot my dumb keys (which i never bring along to school. -.-).
was mumbling to myself then place my bag outside the house before walking down. when i was about to reach the ground floor, i realise i forgot to take the wallet whih has my phone card. so, i walk up again and took it. thank god i only live in the second storey. felt so dumb. what's worse? the phone wasn't working. that's for not bring handphone to school. =.='''

waited until about 1255hrs before my neighbour came home. kindda weird to be in her house but stayed there until about 1330hrs for my maid. GREAT~ wasted one hour because i didn't bring keys.

sighs. today's the last day of term 1, yeahs~ not happy at all though. maths teacher screamed at us today again. can see she almost cried. sighs.
got back report books too~ first time in my 16years did i ever score one F9, stupid humanities. can't believe i'm studying about dead things. kindda distressing but i can't turn back time so got over it. =] what's more, i forgot to sign on the paper for taking the english mock test or whatever it is. made up my mind last night but it just simply slipped off my mind today.
she got scolded today too. i wonder why. asked but she breath nothing. hope everything's okay because i feel like a useless shyt. -.- or rather, worse than shyt. sighs.

the only good thing that happened today was not attending english lesson at all. :] ran around looking for dumb readers' digest for miss lam. she's a nice lady larhs but too bad, i still don't like her. X]

will update again later at night bahhs. feel like emailing Mdm Yeo. i wonder how is she. =] what's more, it's nearing to tuition time. no one's here yet though.

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