Saturday, January 13, 2007

what a useless leader

forgot to wish Leonard: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" in my last post. hope it's not too late. ohh well, i'm being stupid, no one comes in anyway.

Jiaxuan's absent for today, lessons were fine and i'm real glad that i didn't want to fall asleep badly in class. bad news: everyone in class excluding 6 smart chaps failed the Binomial Theorem test we took the day before. okay~ our form teacher was damn pissed. i understand why. i can't believe i failed it too!! by four pathetic-careless mistake marks.

anyway, orchestra was cancelled due to our busy conductor. anyway, wanted to go home early because for the first time, we were released at 1130hrs. but, i end up reaching home at 1330hrs because of the long duration spent in waiting for buses.

these days have been raining. kindda cooling especially at night. but, why people don't like wet weathers? lols. maybe i'm weird. on the other hand, it really does gets a bit irritating and inconvenient at times.

okay, talking about this, today or rather everyday's recess duty sucks. i'm a real bad leader. i know people don't like doing canteen duties during their recess so, i wasn't really firm nor harsh to anyone of them. good thing some ex co helped and some were respectful too. hahas. some reported and explained while others just couldn't be bothered.
mr rafi was in the canteen today and i was like... -.- i felt so stupid and useless. i know he wasn't there to discriminate me but the state of the canteen was disasterous. it was like showing the ugly side without have preparations.

ohh yeahs! before i forget, i ought to get jiejie yani a gift or something like that. she was really bothered by me. first was the umbrella and second, my medicine(gosh how forgetful can i get?).

gotta get some sleep *yawns* have been controlling my eyelids not to close despite the fact that i ate my medicine at the late afternoon.

went to NYP (NanYang Poly) today for a, NYPCO, Chinese Orchestra concert. it was SUPERB, GREAT and SPECIAL~ it was really nice with surprises. they even played some songs that elvis used to sing, teresa teng and the best part was the finale. i loved: "i feel good" song. hahas. it was enthusiastic and it felt like a band rather than a CO. hahas.

gotta go le. buh bye! XP

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