Saturday, January 20, 2007


okay, something terrible happened yesterday but was turned into something good today. well, i won't wanna talk about it anyway. but, THANKS jiaxuan for being there for me. maybe, it's really destinied for me to not forget him. hahas. she won't read this anyway. =p

today, i read the newspaper. and, i came across a very touching article:
"Grandma says:
I know you poisoned me, but i still love you"

it's something like that. i felt touched and finally realised the power of love.

well, the story is about a grandmother who was being poisoned and bank robbed(amt: $100k) by her favourite grandson. however, at the end of the day, the grandmother didn't blame him for being so unfilial. she still love him. the reporter also asked whether she forgave him and she said:
"Forgive what? i didn't even blame him in the first place"

that's a sweet story isn't it? hahas.

okay larhhs, i have to go le.
nights. =]

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