Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Life and Death.

aww~ today, two of my fishes crossed the line. one goldfish and the other don't-know-what species (small fish). it made me see how death can be unpredictable.

the most expensive and beautiful goldfish was fine just yesterday, what's more there was nothing wrong with it this morning. who knows it was the time for it to cross the line? i was kindda sad because.. i don't know why either.

it's like after making a committement, it is a committement. hahas. i felt for the fish. so stupid. i use to not be interested in them but after the new tank, it seems that everything is starting a new.

rumours are never ending. SAD! kindda irritating over the time. but i can't stop smiling despite the presence of some frustration and anger. so stupid.

sighs. gotta go le, dad's out from the bathroom. hahas.

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