Wednesday, January 03, 2007

first day of school in '07

heyys people! today's the first day of school, and i didn't really enjoyed it. all we did was sit, sit and more sit. sit while listening to lectures, rules and regulations and so on and so for.
the only thing i like about this year's schooling is: "BYE bus62, HELLO dad's toyota wish car!!".
hahas. no more taking bus waking up way early to prepare and squezze with students in bus.

didn't sleep a wink last night and had to wake up early in the morning. so sad. hmms. i think i've made up my mind to not be bothered about so many things like i use to.

ohh yeahs! some bad news.. first, we are going to pay for our O papers on Feburary, June will be out MT Os and prelim last of all, no more the three months trial for school. so sad.

haiis. humans are so weird with different opinions. anyway, the below mentioned are purely my own opinions. if i've offended anyone, i would like to apologise.

anyway, while going through our school's rules and regulations, and after seeing some students getting caught because of their attire and hairstlye, something strike me.

the world is experiencing an enormous change, even the generation. i don't understand why is it so difficult to comply to school rules for 4 short years? it's not as though you have to be that way until you sleep in your coffin.. some students now no longer look neat and smart but good yet sloppy and barbaric. TSK! i was wondering: is it really that difficult to dress smart in school? you are in school uniform, representing the school. when you are outside in your home clothes, it's up to you to whether you want to have long hair that resembles a girl or a durian head.
let's not say looking nerdy. no one looks that way anymore, but we should look neat and presentable.

like girls in school nowadays. knee-length skirt doesn't make you look nerdy at all. there's no point showing off your tighs in school because you are studying but not going for a show. whatever you wanna wear or show can be done when you are outside, right?

haiis. i gotta go le. also, i'm obsessed with my dad's laptop. hahas.

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